Medal of Honer War Fighter Bugs

Well been playing this for ages and well it has some strange Bugs the first being Multiplayer option 

Every one has to log in the same way eg Via the short cut on your desk top 

if you do this Via odin or battel Log you will not see your team mates 

Also the Nations Tokens is a Good idea but 

when it resets this time the Ukraine had one contibuter and had 715 Tokens, he got 715.000 points putting them in the Number one slot 

were as the US got 3496 Tokens and got 34.000 

Is this right that the least contibuters makes the country win ?????

Now the Game Kill counts many find that it takes two shots to kill you and six or seven to kill your enamy plus the guns need sorting 

But as alsways EA say nothing, there is also a report that there are secarate areas that you can shoot through 

and whats with Bulit proof Leafs 

The game is indeed full of bugs, just give it a week or two, ehm i mean 6, to get em fixed. But how do you like the game so far?

I think it plays like a stinking pile of dog crap, but i just played the campaign.

The Multiplayer is good but when it takes you a full clip to kill them and it only takes two shot from them to kill you, It leaves you thinking How !!

It works on a 100 kill points and supposabley hitting different parts do more damage unless in Hard core mode 

Ok i go with that But when a pistol can do more damage then a 50 caliber riffle or a pump action shot gun can kill you at range then that has spoilt it for Loads the Game play is ace budying up but as for realisume its left wanting,

You can shoot through wood pallets but not Grean leafs 

Also Lag now it happens were some countries internet is well still in the arc ages there is no way of keeping a good connection 

also not being able to change your secoundary weapon this seems to be the weapon of choice with the sniper were there not even sniping as the pistol is so over powered it takes out the best assault riffle 

Now this was expected on the sniper but the other way, yes they have stopped the mass snaiper game play that killed BF3 for many 

But there are still Bugs from Battle feild 3 eg Spawn killing on some game play games they have stopped it but Team death match its still there

On a Clan Basis it Beats Black ops 2

It Puts it on a Par With Modern warfare 3 but that still beats it as its more polished but suffers from Hackers, It does bridge the Gap but any one coming from Modern warfare to this will hate the Killing idea

It still is possible to Kill the pross but how they get the two shot kills is very unnerving its not the sort of game to just jump in to and its desparate for a update

But it keeps the what i call Normal FPS not a Featuristic one eg Crisis