MechWarrior 2 on Windows 7?

I can't seem to get this old game to run on my new pc. I ran the setup but, I got this error: "Program Aborted! This product does not presently support Windows NT." So I copied all the files off the disc to a folder on my desktop.

Any ideas for a work around? Emulators maybe?

It's the Windows 95 version of MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat. I think the DOS version was also on the CD.

My OS is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

Thanks in advance!

if i recall you have to use a work around for 32 bit games on a 64 bit os. i believe you have to run a virtual machine with 32 bit protocols. i am looking up the program i used to use when i had some old games to play.

edit: dos box  should do you just fine is the main page. read download install play.

I got to the install page using dosbox but, when I hit the key to install it just brought me back to D:\>

I couldn't get dosbox to install the game using the disc. Should I try creating an image file and then mounting that?

nevermind I got it to work.

The game looks just as good as I remembered but, the controls are confusing. I'm sure I'll be able to remap all the controls