Mechanical Keyboards

Hello, i want to upgrade to a mechanical keyboard and i need some help on the different switches. I own a 2014 Razer Blade 14 and i love the chiclet keyboard on it. However i usually plug in to a monitor and bigger keyboard. Which switch is most similar to the Blade's?

as you said its a chiclet keyboard, not a mechanical keyboard so I'm unclear of what you're asking, but here's the Tek Syndicate video going through the different Cherry MX switches.
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If you really like the chiclet type keyboard, why not get a chiclet keyboard?

If you really would prefer a mechanical keyboard, a linear switch, such as MX red, would be more similar to a chiclet keyboard, compared to a tactile switch, such as MX Brown or Topre.

I like less travel as well and just put some o-rings on a das keyboard with MX brown switches. Not quite as shallow as my macbook scissor keys, but better than the full depth. Reds with o-rings might be nice.

Got the ducky Shine 3 with Greens.. so lovely. I can't use anything else now!