Mechanical Keyboards

I want to eventually jump on the mechanical keyboard bandwagon. I still have the good old Logitech G510. I'm still trying to comprehend the different mechanical switches out there, such as the Cherry MX reds, blues, ETC.

After a short while of typing my hands do happen to get tired very quickly from having to press the entire key down. Some of the tasks I do on a daily basis is

  • Gaming
  • Video Editing
  • Essays
  • Video Review Outlines

What type of switch would be best overall for all that I do? I just need some suggestions on the different switches out there. Thanks

Also: I like clicky noises

blues. makes a click, shorter switch point, tactile bump. they are great.

Sounds like blues would suit you best. If you would prefer keys that take a bit more force to push down (stiffer keys) then I suggest greens. 

Cooler Master offers a "switch tester" or something like that on their website that has a bunch of different switches on it. I think it's like $15 and they at least used to give you a $15 off coupon for one of their keyboards if you bought the tester-thing.

I personally think that Browns are the best all around switch.

Thanks for the responses. I'll try the Chery MX Blues when I get the extra money

The blues are a great choice. I have a K70 with the Blues and it is perfect for typing and gaming. Idk some people say the Reds are better for gaming but I don't like them. Too many accidental key presses. Then again I just slap the keyboard. 

I don't like reds because I have large heavy hands, I prefer more clicky keys. Greens are my favorite.

During my last visit to my local retailer I saw they had a little sampler key pad with different switches to try. It is one of those things thats hard to advise people on as we all are different. You need to try em out and see what you like. My K70 with reds makes me happy.