Mechanical Keyboards

Hey guys, I was just wondering whats a good mechanial keyboard for around 60 or 70 bucks? I'm looking to upgrade from a crappy keyboard lol thanks guys in advance

Something I really love is daskeyboard. It isn't within $60-$70, but figured I'd post it since that's the one I've been using for about a year now. I have the ultimate, but a new proffesional has come out since then that offers function buttons for volume control and such.

Rosewill's keyboard is good according to my friend.

Other then that, Razer offers some good keyboards that I've heard good things about. What you should do though is look up the different type of switches that are available, and watch a Youtube video on each of them to see which sound "clicks" best for you. Then go for that one.

To be honest I think if you're buying mechanical paying the $150 or so for a top quality one is definitely worth it, think about how much longer it lasts and the overall benefits it is definitely worth it, I'm rapped with my Ducky keyboard which cost me $150, worth every single dollar !