Mechanical Keyboard

I really want a mechanical keyboard but i am on a tight budget, any suggestions for under 50 bucks.

Under $50? That's tough.

The cheapest MX keyboard I found was a Tt with MX blacks for $50 after a rebate, plus $8 in shipping.

Used, though, I found two IMB Model Ms for $50. First one, second one.

Lots of bids going on, too.

Corsair K60 MX Red.

CM Storm Trigger MX Blue.

Das Keyboard Professional S MX Blue.

Black Widow with MX Blue(?)

Cherry G80 with MX Blacks.

White Cherry G80 with MX Blacks.



50 is kind of low. Used is probably the best option.

I got myself the first standard version of Razer Blackwidow years after the release. And because since it's release there was a lot of other mechanical keyboards released it's price was a lot cheaper then others. And I also got a student discount back then. Overall it was about 50% cheaper then any other mechanical keybard available for me.

So shop around in retailers and look into stores that might not have stull like that. Mine was in a shop the sells photography stuff and they also carry PC accessories.

Thanks for all the help, i know it was a tough question!


The tt was 49.99 without rebate on their site but went back up in price a couple days ago

This is the best I could find, surely you could find an extra seven dollars or so?


Otherwise, you could probably surf eBay for an old ALPS keyboard (like a Dell AT101W/AT102W) or a Model M. I would advise going with something newer if you're going to be gaming, as 2-key rollover is crippling at times. Good luck, mechanical keyboards are completely worth the money.