Mechanical Keyboard

Hi, I'm posting in here because I have a rather odd request of a keyboard that I'm not too sure on where to find. I've done my own research as well as asking a couple of friends if they might now where to find a product of such but nothing really seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of what I'm looking for. 

So what it is that I feel to be on a Snipe Hunt for is a mechanical keyboard that contains Cherry MX green switches as well as a green backlight. I thought for sure that Cooler Master would be fullfiling this with their CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid (Cherry MX Green Switch) but it didn't have backlighting on it's final release. So, with all of this said, does anyone know where to locate such a product?

Try Ducky Keyboards based in Taiwan. You can customize which Cherry MX switches you want and they have a customizable LED option.

I have the Ducky zero with the cherry mx browns.  I love this keyboard.  I do think illuminated keyboards are overated though.

Turn them all off or set to light up upon a keypress. This will give you the challenge of trying to touchtype if you can't into it already.