Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Hello everyone! So I'm looking into getting a mechanical keyboard for the first time. I've done a lot of research on the matter but I am still conflicted on what type of Cherry MX switch to get. As for my use of the keyboard, I do a decent amount of typing, a little bit of programming, and quite a bit of gaming (FPS's, MMO's and RTS's). I know that picking switches mostly has to do with personal preferrence but since I have no way of testing out any mechanical keyboards, I don't know what would fit me best. I'm currenty pretty split between blue switches and red switches (though brown ones aren't out of the question either.) Any suggestions or input would be very much appreciated!

brown or blue... reds... might as well get a rubberdome then. I have a CM storm trigger with browns, and I love it. mytyping is like 2-3x faster than my laptop's chicklet.

I type about 11,000 keystrokes/day

Does the tactile feel on the blue and browns inhibit gaming (specifically FPS's) in anyway?

I know that if you find a razer blackwidow ultimate 2013 (cherry mx blue) in a store, you can try the arrow keys through the packaging.  

it's not that stiff. it's not like the black keys. hell, it's faster than a rubberdome for sure.... it won't huirt ur game play at all. not one bit. the bump is too subtle for that

Awesome, I just order a CM Storm Trigger with blue switches. Thanks for the advice!

your lucky. thy're on sale. and i think there's a rebate out too.

i got mine for $110 and $4.00 overnight shipping

also, your going to need to DL the trigger app from coolermaster. keep in mind too, that it's a big keyboard... and i've found that it doesn't like being on a usb hub....

the 2013 isnt a blue keyboard it hink its black, the old black widow is mx bluw


The 2013 uses blue switches.

I have been considering getting a KBT Race 75% w/ Cherry MX Milky switches. Does anyone here have experience with MX Milky switches or KBT keyboards? I am currently using a Rosewill 9000 w/ Cherry MX Blues and I love the switches for typing, but I want something with more resistance than the blues.


mx milky.... don't exist.... mx clear, i kinda wish I had, so i wouldn't bottom out so much