Mechanical Keyboard recommendation

Im looking at the CoolerMaster Quickfire rapid and I'm wondering if there was a backlit version of the same layout. Any other brand is ok. The Quickfire TK is about the same size but it has a wonky layout with the numpad (Which i dont wan't).

So essentially I want the same or almost similar layout as the Quickfire rapid, but with backlight. Individual backlit keys would be ideal, but not necessary. 

I play a lot of FPS, and do some moderate document typing. 

Any recommendations ? >$100 ( Was attracted to the $69 Price and the compact layout of the Quickfire rapid)

Thanks !

Well here's a few backlit boards i like, not sure if they would appeal to you.

Ducky Zero shine Cherry mx blues. You can get them in different switches to your liking.

Corsair k70

Rosewill Rk-9100



Well, greater than $100, you have the Happy Hacking Pro 2, which is probably the best consumer choice that is easily found, with Topre switches (best on the market), amazing build quality, and overall amazingness, but in the $150 range, you have the Code Keyboard, which, with built in backlights, MX Clear switches, and hardware-level Dvorak, Colemak, and Qwerty support, is an attractive option.

You don't need backlight. Because if you look at the keyboard, you should stop doing it, and if you don't, it means that you are just showing off and you should stop doing it. 

Get a quickfire, it's good. 

ha ha ! yeah if i can't find anything then i'll probably go with the quickfire. Im looking for backlight cos i play usually in the night with dim or almost no light. So im gonna need it. 

No you aren't. You shouldn't look at your keyboard while playing any game.

Let him get a backlit keyboard and stop being a dork 

It's for his own good. 

Dissentient is right, he should also be exercising more and studying his Scriptures.

I love the Razor mechanical keyboard, but it is $150. I just bought a Corsair K60 for $100, but I am somewhat upset with it. It did not come with a driver CD, but it requires a MASSIVE software update to work. This is annoying. I know people often say that one should download the latest drivers,, but I think a product should come with everything needed to work out o the box.;

That said, make a good decision on switches. I love the blues, but I think I can learn to love the reds. Also, I bought a Cooler Master and it was a brick out of the box. it was a big sturdy keyboard though. I really wish that it worked (it was only $70 too for the full-sized one).

Check for deals. The Cooler master is often on sale. Also, I have an Ione at work, and it rocks. I did need to return the first one (another brick), but Amazon was cool about it (unlike Newegg, squirrelly bastards). Also, I almost bought something called a "Clicker" for fifty bucks. It was some "Azzatron" or "Megatron" or "Something-tron" and the key switches were better than any other keyboard. The only issue is that it felt cheap. I get used to things, then I NEED to buy the same one at any price when it wears out. So hopefully my Corsair (which has been installing a driver for the last twenty minutes???) will last a few years.

My recommendation is to take a look at the SteelSeries 6GV2 mech keyboard