Mechanical keyboard maintenance

So I have had this mechanical keyboard for about a year. Its the corsair k70. I have the mx blues. Lately, some of my keys have been sticking and then I have to push the key down again for it to come back up. What is even weirder is that it isnt happening on keys that i use often, it is happening on keys I rarely use (ex: the "\" or the 6 on my numpad).

I dont eat food near it, or touch my keyboard when my hands arent clean. Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean the switches or some thing along those lines

Mechanical Keyboard Guide

well personally... I don't take the key caps off much when I'm cleaning my keyboard.

I just use my data vac and blow out all the dust and junk stuck in between the keys. Then I get 409 or something and spray it on a paper towel and just wipe the tops of the keys down, and then dry them.

Then I use rubbing alcohol and cotton ear swabs to clean the sides of the keys and the hard to reach places.

Make sure everything is dry before plugging back in.

If the keys are actually sticky and there's something on the switch itself, you may have to take off the keys and get some parts of it wet. Mostly you want to use something that drys very quickly with electronics, so alcohol is best.

Your devices can get wet, if they aren't plugged in or have some sort of power source. Try to use cleaners that aren't very harsh on your peripherals. Water is best mostly though.