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well, i'm fine with the shipping cost from them because it will be there on time.
Unlike mass drop.
And this seller is the maker of all the mass drop things lol.
Compared to some other eBay sellers it's expensive, but this seller kindof has things that most don't so is whatever.


I need a cheap mech board for a spare rig that I'm hooking up. How's this one look?


There's one on Amazon for only $25 with A 4.5 star rating. Might pick it up just to check it out.


Glorious gaming should be about the same price once you get everything to go with that pcb, and is hotswappable, which is always nice.


super debating getting this because it's the only keyboard i've ever seen that has Cherry Grey Linears

will see

(grey linear switches are like how greens are heavier blues, greys are heavier blacks)


Hmmm the seller looks legit

I'm a cherry blue man myself, costar stabs preferably

Filco ninja full and a WASD TKL with a set of tai haos cuz wasd caps feel terrrrrrible

I have heavy hands tho and am pretty rough on my boards. Probably should be using something like grays.


There are also Tactile Greys which are the same weight but tactile, so kinda like a super heavy MX brown switch.


I'm looking hard for any keyboard coming out with the new Cherry MX Silent keys in black or brown variants. (edit: only red and black "silents" have been released so far) My Corsair Strafe Silent does indeed have a nice dampened sound compared to regular Cherry MX keys, but I'm having some issues and the RGB lighting is just overboard. (their software is clunky as hell too)

Cherry themselves have come out with the Cherry MX Board Silent and I might look to that, but all the reviews indicate that it's highly overpriced for the build quality. Might still look to that one if nothing else comes up soon.



also @mkk there is an embargo by Cherry MX to only have Corsair keyboard have them. I don't remember when that lifts or if it has but still that's why there are no others yet.


Fortunately that exclusiviity passed around new year. :slight_smile:


But noone else has made a keyboard with them so ... yeah lol


Oohhh weird, but it is small and alps. Both things I like and am looking for. Just not right now.

I am getting the want to finish swapping the LEDs in the CPSQ and show it in its final form. I also have the resistors for the MiamiForce. They are tiny and a pain in the ass, I need a transistor for it too first. Also some nail varnish to pick out the routed in lettering.

Edit: I also have the filco to spring swap, might lube the max red sliders while I am there but 80g springs are going in, not sure if I will full swap to tactile in it through, maybe if someone is selling a bunch of stems at the right time not sure I need all new switches, I am already running surplus.

I also have the lolipop sticks for my ghetto Planck build. I need the wires and resistors to hook up to the ProMicro. Need to sand the sticks down tot he right width and glue them together the right way. I want to do RGB but not sure if will be able to.


The silents were exclusive they are recently available to the mass market, so they are starting to turn up in boards other than corsair finally. The first I saw was one from, their new board the Fission they have pretty much all the cherry switches and the silent red.

There is no brown varient yet as it is a modification the the stem to make them "silent", you can make a black by swaping in heavier springs but the brown slider does not currently not have a production line for silent variant, not sure if one is planned but I have heard some support for them for them community in an interest way.

Edit: there is a mod to make them yourself, some liquid latex on points of the slider will make you a silent variant of any cherry switch but takes effort, super time consuming, more an if you are already taking the switches out may as well type of jobs. Or a new board.

Mk is divided on silent switches and o-rings and such. Some are all about the clack and trying the lessen that is a crime, while others will roll o-rings and buy silent switch boards. I have two boards, both linear, with o-rings and one with tactile clears, heavy step browns, with out o-rings. I like both for different things. I want to try the cherry silent switches.


Does anyone here tried the Romer G switches? How does it compare to the other types such as cherry mx switches and membrane?

I'm planning to get my good self a new keyboard for my new build later down this year.


i personally find Romer G switches awful
then again I only really like MX linear style switches and IBM buckling spring style switches soo yeah


Wow, this thread is what I was looking for a few days ago. Glad it's already created. How many of you build their own keyboards? I was bored today at home and I spent a few hours watching people building keyboards for the sake of it and turns out is not as hard as I thought it would be. Is it any cheaper than buying a brand new keyboard though?


it is only cheaper
if you want esoteric keyboard switches
otherwise there are some really good, cheap mechanical keyboards around


Built one full custom from parts, modified one prebuilt board swapped switches. Going to build another and mod another board. Dyed plastic and added LEDs and such, but my technical knowledge is pretty low, just mechanically inclined.


Yeah that's what I thought, I don't see why building a custom one with RGB would be cheaper than buying one already built.


I learn sometime new everyday, thanks for the input. I'll research those switches and see if they'll fit me.