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I need this in my life...

The mid century modern mustard yellow is to die for....

And maybe I will throw on a keycap set that looks like the "Alps V80 Vintage" keycaps.

These Alps V80 Vintage look cool. I like that the lettering is in the upper left corner and the font is sexy too.

This set almost kinda looks the same.

They are the varmilo 2 tone pbt dye sub keycap set. But they fucked up the CapsLock key..... And the green keys are not grey. Or whatever the color that the Alps linked above are.


So, this is a thing. @Cavemanthe0ne, you might like this. It seems that I was just living in the future this whole time.


I love scissor switches! And mechanical switches!

Dear Santa......


This needs to be implemented in more laptops.


meh, low profile switches are OK but original MX blacks are best imo


I have 5 Model Ms that are broken in one way or another. I could probably get them working with an overhaul.


My first and only mech keyboard so far. Pok3r with black switches and orings. I like a quiet keyboard. Originally bought it due to having a rather small desk.
Now that I have a larger desk I will probably go to a slightly larger one because I like having the f keys and arrow keys without having to use function layers.
Other than that I really love it.


60% #master-race


Bad image from a tablet, but this is the Model M that I am using right now...

Model M. Part #1391401, this one was manufactured by Leximark in March 1994. It is not an IBM branded keyboard and has no badge on it. But the build quality is the same.

I purchased it well over a decade ago for around $10.00 from someone I knew that owned a computer store.


So, I realized that you can actually get the Glorious Gaming keyboard directly from their company without any switches or keycaps for something like $60. That, plus some Gateron Yellow switches from Ebay and some white PBT keycaps from Geekkeys (which have been my go to for a while) will likely be the next keyboard that I get.




y tho


I like tiny things.


Tiny Keyboard Nation, coming to fyi this summer.


but why u no just get 60%
lol. whatever.
Also if you like esoteric keyswitches:


semi related
60% keyboard kit is a thing now

example of switches

so like $80 and then some soldering and then it's mostly done minus a keyboard housing


because I want 51% of 60%


That shipping, ouch


it is from china
is also from the seller who has everything mass drop has for cheaper, and then some lol. At least that eBay seller has shipping that is guaranteed within a month rofl


Found some other sellers with $1 shipping

I order tons of stuff from china and the shipping is almost always free.