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I think it’s just bigger so it resonates differently and stands out.


Ducky One would work I think.

V80 for just about any switch you want (+$$$)

Masterkey S for the middle of your budget


Those are all TKL… it’ll have to be TK’s. I use the number pad wayyyyy too much at work.


Shit, I thought you wrote TKL.

It can have macros programmed to it:

Cherry brick:

Larger Cooler Master:

Das which is cheaper than normal:


NIce selections… definitely going to have to research these.


I recently got some more keyboards

Among them was this (i think it is) Tandy 1000 keyboard module.
Would it be possible to do something to make this work with PS2/USB.

Since it is just the keyboard part of the machine it would assume it needs a PCB to connect to

after a quick search i could not find anything

This is probably more of a question for geekhack, reddit or deskthority but haven’t used their forums


@Big_Al_Tech what’s the update on the “new” Model F keyboard project?


Could be chatter like noted, could be contacts getting dirty and triggering more than they should , rare but could be solder too.

Worth taking it apart and giving it a good clean, blow out and all that jazz, contact cleaner and so on. Good to do every now and then anyway.

The internally silenced switches are really nice, but more expensive than the already not cheap mech boards. I have the Zeal Zilents, lovely tactile like clears but have little bits of rubber in the stem to help dampen the press. Not easy to find boards with options though with these built in, I desoldered and replaced mine in a 60% board with the Zilents. Should be noted Cherry make switches with these internal silencing bits too. So there are some, not all Zeal. But not super popular, the enthusiasts like their clacks.

Orings are good too but only dampen half the stroke, the down.

There are QMX clips that go over the switches and do both up and down stroke dampening.

@Goalkeeper I wonder does the spacebar have a stronger spring, a common thing but with these being modded could be even more with a nice tactile bump pop as a result.

@SlipperyVagoo Deskthority would be the best bet and might have solutions for the controller too.


Does look to be a replacement module for a Tandy 1000. Hard to tell from that picture though.

You can convert it with a Teensy but it is a lot of work.

Only converter I know of is for using a normal keyboard with a Tandy 1000.

Some relevant info on them there…


After finally putting my Model M back together i have realized how much i miss my smaller keyboards.
It fills my whole desk

I think i’ll either buy a Unicomp Model M with trackpoint or an M13 and mod it into a 70% keyboard, at some point if i can find it cheap

and do something like this with it to get a HHKB layout with ISO left shift


the layout mod:
70% mod:

I just remembered that 60% new model F’s are being made, that is probably a better investment


They are nearing completion, the factories that are building them are on hiatus due to the Chinese new year, but it looks like some early orders will be getting shipped around April.


Yeah was going to say that.


Chevy’s Quick Keyboard Review #2, Logitech G613:

Finally going to replacing awful K400

Software: Good, but just. G Hub is still in its infancy from what i could gather so i can’t falter it much. Macro creation is really easy, has a lot of options and i like it in general. Crashed on me twice, reinstalled it and it seems to be fine now.
Hardware: What i expected, hefty weight, hard plastic all around, smooth edges, big rubber feets to stop it from slipping, confortable (non removable) wrist rest. Keycaps are bad however, thin ABS with laser printing, a terrible choice at this price point.
All of my Logitech wireless keyboards have been great when it comes to connectivity and this one is not an exception, its perhaps the best i’ve tried even on Bluetooth mode.
Switches: Omron Romer Gs, never tried these before the G613 came around. I expected to hate them but i just don’t, they don’t feel quite i expected, they are sort of a mix between MX Reds and MX Browns (more towards red, they’re pretty much linear) but with shorter activation.
Verdict: I like it, i really do, i would’ve liked better keycaps but we really can’t have everything on one piece. I’m keeping it for sure.


I got a model F XT (type B), not sure if the price was good but it looked like it was in pretty good shape and cost around 100$
Not sure if it is just the excitement of it being new or not but so far it feels better than the first gen model M somehow
and i will probably have to get a new 60% model F if this opinion keeps up after some use
the Soare’s converter won’t arrive until 15th march-1st april. so i guess i’ll see


I should stop using so much money on keyboards at some point, i do feel a bit guilty about it


I just keep to sane defaults, never spend more that $500 a year on keyboards. Now to go look up the definition of sane…


Wait, do i have to order the new model F by the end of the month?



Looks like it.

I would imagine it is to make sure it gets included in the production run. If it is after they might have to wait and built up a number of orders to make the next batch.


Forgot to post here, got another IBM 1390702 Terminal model M on the way but they used the same picture for a bunch of them so don’t really know what condition it will be in when it gets here, says it has some problems with certain keys but it just sounds like it needs cleaned properly. The first 1390702 I got also had problems, just turns out it doesn’t work very well when it is full of lint, hair, pieces of paper and paperclips.


Wow, that might make me throw away my chinese $30 blue switch 80% masterpiece.

It’s an Ajazz, by the way. The white only backlit model.


If only…