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Went to Goodwill today.

Pretty good day.


Are those alps switches?


SMK gen 2 inverse cross mount whites.


Thank you!



In theory the Unicomp keycaps will fit a vintage Model M, correct? The Model M at work is missing a couple caps.

Also, anyone know how durable the plastic case is? It looks like it has tar buildup from somebody smoking over it, so it needs a very strong bath.


I have both model M’s from IBM and UNICOMP and yes they are interchangable.

Different models though might be 1-2 piece keycaps.

1987 terminal keyboard and a 2017 Unicomp version.

Except for buttons like enter and shift as the older IBM’s use wire Stabilizers and the UniComp uses rod stabilizers.

Isopropyl alcohol will clean it up nicely or soap and water.


Awesome, dziękuję ci!

It’s missing the tab keycap and a couple others are mislabeled or blank, so Unicomp will save me some struggle.

Assuming the keyboard can be taken apart without too much fuss I’m thinking I’ll give it a bath and a good scrub with a couple mixtures.