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Sold my Tesoro this morning, got a “tramp stamp” K95 RGB for the same price, nice!


Tramp Stamp Corsair K95 RGB, a quick review:

the Elecom trackball is stealing the scene here

Software: amazing, couldn’t be better, it syncs with my M65 very well, so that’s neat.
Hardware: What, the, fuck. Thin and light chassis, the keycaps themselves are paper thin and the layout can be really confusing at first (that’s a personal error, actually, for being a user of 101 keyboards since forever and ever), i can’t fault the reds though, i’m a fan of linears.
Verdict: Its going back, i don’t want it, thankfully the seller has already accepted it back.


This has been my experience too. The quality is no where near what they ask for it. Glad you can give it back. Plus their bottom row sucks. Good luck getting good caps that fit correctly.


I realise this is an old post, but I have a Filco Majestouch Ninja with the front-printed caps, and a Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate (the blank version). Are the keycaps on your Das Keyboard the Filco set? If not, any idea where I could get a set for my Das Keyboard? While I like having blank keys, for some games I need to be able to find keys quickly and I get stuck =[

Edit: Coming from the UK I might be out of options, but I would need the 105-key ISO layout.


I believe max keybaords do front printed sets. Recently they have become more popular.

There are other sets too out there. This is just the one I know straight off.


Oh no, I hadn’t noticed he was using the ANSI layout. I need the ISO 105(?) layout for UK keyboards. This is always the big setback when trying to find a good set of PBT keys. Thanks for the link though, I’ll edit my original reply.


As far as I know max also do ISO sets. But yeah I am in the same situation. ISO is not always easy. The particular combination of ISO, PBT, And front printed is a tricky one.


I found a set that fits, i was going to buy it should i like the keyboard, but boy, its really bad, i’ve seen chinese keyboards (Rantopad MXX would be a good start) that are better than this and cost less.
It cost me US$50, but still, doesn’t meet ends, just a bad board all around.


I kinda want this for my HT room, unfortunately its priced out of my range


The holy grail, though. I really like my front-printed keys on my Filco, but they feel much cheaper than the blank ones on my Das Keyboard. I’ve checked out the 105-key sets on max keyboards and I might just order a set from there though, so thanks for that! I’ve also been wanting to get a backlit keyboard for a while too and seeing as they do front-printed translucent black, I might plan ahead.

Shame the import tax will be significant. Thanks again.


Damn that sucks. Import tax in Ireland does not hit till 150. Yeah I liked my ninja caps but they were a stepping stone to blanks. I like pbt aswell, so bought white sets a dyed them coloured blocks for different parts of the board. Alphas one colour, modifiers and punctuation a second and the number row and bottom row a third. Look nice to me and helps locate keys. At this stage it has morphed into a design I call Borderlines.


I find blanks easy enough to type with, it’s not like I usually need to look. But when programming or playing those games that require quick access to buttons like i I just end up fumbling around on my keyboard! I don’t know if you’ve experienced the same setback regularly enough to regret the blanks haha.


Nah I am okay. I do get lost but I have a full memory of the layout. I just need to look at the blanks on the board and I know where everything is.

Here is my current board. Still in progress slightly but it has been a daily driver now for 3? Years. A CPSQ from Leeku in Korea I found on reddit and joined the buy on geekhack.


And the revision of the yellow Filco, originally a Ninja, themed for the Hyperion company in Borderlands 2:

Hyperion 1.1:

In both of them the keys are broken up into blocks, easy to find.


Yeah the Hyperion-themed one is really nice, great work!
How do the white keys hold up? Black keys obviously develop that shine to them, and depending on the quality it can develop pretty quickly, but I’m guessing it’s the same with most. Dark grey looks really nice though!

Honestly, all the symbol keys under the top row I’m fine with finding without looking. But if I need to hit a & or a % still takes me a couple of tries and that’s the main thing that’s pushing me to revert.


To be honest they both need a good clean, but the Filco holds up so much better. The whites are fine but you will need to clean them every once in a while. I just did today on my Anne Pro, the 60% RGB board I have and it has all its legends. I too have trouble with the symbols on the number row, but I can see the row quickly, know which number has what symbol so I find them that way. I look at the board maybe but just to locate if I need to.

The black keys started white and I dyed them in dark grey dye but it was getting to night time when I did it outside under bad light on the BBQ, the dye is not nice stuff to have insinde really, but I left them too long and the dark grey became black. The keys were all the matte of the whites and greys on the Filco board, the dye seems to have given them its shine. Unfortunately the Purple is not as even as I want either and a little dark. I think I will buy another grey set and replace the black as thats what I wanted intially. Just tried to save some money abd buy one set and two dyes.

Fresh cleaned caps, perfectly matte again


Damn, dude, did you dip-dye those?! They look amazing!


The yellow, black and purple yes. The grey are a set of great caps. The sets came in white, dark grey, light grey, milk or black. So the first round I got white and dark grey for the filco and dyed some of the white yellow. The later I got another board and just bought a white set a dyed the purple and black keys from that set.

The white and black keys are a double shot set you can buy. You can get them with black tops and translucent where the black is on mine and the lettering. It is really nice. But like the tuxedo look of these.

The previously unmentioned pink and blue pastel board is also PBT but with full lettering, pretty thin and double shot. From Tai-Hao, their Miami set. It is on my MagicForce68 ,MiamiForce.


Sold this locally yesterday for $50. New owner has reported back saying he’s diggin’ the new board.

Now I just need to find another SSK.



I have the exact same Red Dragon keyboard. Its the K552 Kumara right? For the price, I cant hail this keyboard enough. Ive had mine for about a year now and I would probably buy another if mine died tomorrow purely because its just so damn cheap and its given me the moneys worth already. Think I paid 500ZAR.

My other keyboard is a cooler master masterkeys pro S the ten keyless one with browns. More suttle but incredibly satisfying for an all rounder.