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This is the rgb version in qwertz layout

The qwerty layout has the same spacing and all but i dont know for sure. The space bar is 2.25 i presume


To me that bottom row looks like it actually is the standard layout. Looks like normal 1.25u modifiers and 6.25u spacebar.

Everything above it is what’s going to be the hardest to find.


Bottom row is absolutely standard, the difference is the large return key and the left shift and the < key.


Yeah qwertz is a tough one. Uniform profile sets will work fine as you can swap keys between rows, like SA Row3 sets where all caps are row 3 profile. Or DSA and XDA are also both uniform.


The guy i bought it from just sent it over the mail, but it looks just like the one in this picture:


From left to right it looks like

Key Size
CTRL 1.5u
ALT 1.5u
Space 6u
ALT 1.5u
FN 1u
CTRL 1.5u

Which is a bit annoying.


Yeah, same as a guy from reddit told me in the morning.
Maybe i can get some customs for it, i’m sure i saw some keycaps with similar sizes on Aliexpress…


MAX Keyboard has many layouts available, including QWERTZ with a 6u spacebar. They’re ABS with printed legends, which is pretty meh, but it’s an option.

Another route might be to get an entire kit, but then just get a couple blanks for the bottom row.

Or wait for a kit on Massdrop with options, although shipping from Massdrop is usually pretty horrendous.


Btw, in what unit should i measure them, when the keyboard eventually arrives, to make sure i get the right size?


The standard measurement is 19.05mm = 0.75 in = 1 unit.

The keycaps won’t be exact multiples because they need space to move and whatnot, but it’ll be pretty straightforward when you have it in your hands.


At work I use,

it has these cute little rings under the keys to make it “quiet”; coworkers across the floor will still detect my presence when i even so much as login Though i will say to their credit, I am proficient with a type writer, and when i get excited i tend to exert the same pressure while typing… so results may vary, i have yet to find a quiet keyboard

and at home I still use this same keyboard

even though my spacebar is even further lopsided
had my Omni Key 101 with those lovely alpine switches for… well it was actually the first keyboard to my first computer i ever owned, and the first keyboard i ever used. Still has a lot of life in it that’s for sure.


If you don’t mind or even like blank caps it is pretty easy to get a set. For normal sets there is usually a compatibility set sometimes called Tsangen.

Here is an example of a set with all the options.


How about this? HAVIT HV-KB390 A good low profile Mechanical key board.


Really nice KB all things considered, its sold in Brazil as the “Sharkoon PureWriter TKL”, the keycaps are a bit trashy but the price is right.


is this low profile caps or are the switches also low profile? Looks pretty nice.

I saw recently that OLKB have made the Planck in low profile caps and switches, with of course RGB, because why not.


Thanks man! When it arrives i’ll make sure the sizes are correct, although it matches with i’ve seen over at MaxKeyboard it never hurts to be sure.


That set is absolutely gurgeous, its nice to know that people are making keycaps sets as compatbile as possible.
And those meta keys? Love the classic logos!


It is nice to see. Not all sets go to that much detail but the more popular ones will, unfortunately things like SA sets with all those option are Cuh-Ray-Zee expensive for “just some keycaps”.


Yeah, and then it becomes unworthy to spend like US$90 for keycaps on a US$40 keyboard. And they don’t really “fit” in that Tesoro keyboard, they are better suited to cleaner keyboards like Filcos and Duckies (or Duckys?).
I really like MiTo’s “Canvas” set, but still, i think a blank dark gray set would look killer in that Tesoro, even in DSA profile, or a “Ninja” print one.


It also seems to me that, much like Corsair and Logitech, Tesoro doesn’t really want to change its uncommon bottom row, even their Kailh Choc keyboards have the same design.