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I also have a Filco MJ2 TKL. That was the First ever mechanical I ever truly wanted and it is the one I would take with me if I could only have one. However, I am planning to replace all of its cherry reds with a tactile switch like the Zealio or possibly the Aliaz and upgrade its brain to a Pegasus Hoof controller for some layers and programmability.


can anyone recommend somewhere to buy a full set of gateron or outemu switches for a decent price? I want to do a budget custom board from one of those cheap aukey or redragon boards as the base but I’m having a hard time finding a place that isn’t charging absurd amounts for what should be cheap switches


I got my loose switches from Mehkee.

Massdrop also has switches relatively frequently, if you don’t mind the longer lead times.

(or if you want Kailh Coppers or Bronzes you can buy mine :smile:)


There is also amazon sometimes, Ebay, and I get a lot of mine from AliExpress but it takes months to get here. I have bought some from Gon’s store and Zeal PC’s when I wanted something specific.


Cleaned up my keyboard a bit, I’m waiting on another one to ship to me to swap parts into this one.


So there’s a case on Massdrop that I could use to finally finish up my Aristotle TKL, but it’s $160 + shipping.

I should just get the acrylic case and deal with it.


The board has been posted before and it has not advanced from the last pic but everything else has been brought up to speed. only a few things left and the Ultra Tablet set up will be finished, but it is currently fully functional.

The bombing run nears completion, and still no suitable L1 Sticker available…


What keyboard is simular to the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 (green switches so I guess like cherry blues) but:

  • software does not require internet connection
  • works with Ubuntu
  • a bit brighter lighting than the Razer


Anyone have one of these?


\o me


You get red or blue?


Red, makes more sense imo for analog.


To me the most compelling aspect is splitting key mapping between soft and full presses (pre and post clicky bump).

Do you like it/use it?


Yea, its nice for driving and flying. Also do like to use it for sneaking around and doing really slow peaks. But for the most part I just like being able to have the digital setting at 1.5mm for actuation , every thing feels faster that way.


Nice. I’m thinking of a dedicated gaming rig later this year once 1180 is out. Think this might be a good keyboard for it. Considering getting blue and then swapping in reds for wasd.


Yup, totally doable. And stupid easy. They provide like 3 or 4 extra switches but I don’t think they sell switches seperatly atm.


Amazon has some Poker 3 Keyboards back in stock, even some in QWERTZ Layout for our EU-Users but the RGB one is only available in QWERTZ… sadly…


So this keyboard, the Gigabyte Force K83, was for sale for a mere US$50 a few hours ago here in my area, i managed to get the bank slip before the sale was over.
Not sure if i’m going to pay the bank slip, but yet, the keyboard itself looks interesting to me, with no LEDs, Cherry Red switches, decently labelled keycaps (laser print, no fancy dye sub or double shot here) and the case itself has a very generic shape. Nice Gigabyte, really nice!


Ended up impulse buying a Tesoro Durandal G1N with MX Reds that a guy posted over at the Facebook marketplace, paid US$40 for, its almost brand new.
I know its bottom row is non-standard, what keycaps can i use there, should i decide to upgrade the stock ones?


What are the sizes on the bottom row? Or better again a picture?

There are quite a few sets with compatibility subsets or in the case of my blanks they came with it as standard. Some do and some don’t.