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Nothing as cool as other stuff posted above, but I got a Corsair K63 today - the “special edition” with blue LED’s. I got it for the sole purpose of also getting the ‘lap’ dock for gaming on my couch. I didn’t get the combo that already came with the dock because it came with red LED’s and I would rather have blue.

I have yet to test it out.

Kinda potato quality. Before I bought I thought the design was the same as my K65 (not pictured), but now realize the design is slightly different and it’s also plastic instead of aluminum. Feels solid (like my Model M). I think the blue paint under the keys looks cool. Will be great once I get the dock. I might use it over my trusty CM Storm QFR (pictured) on m main rig until then.


Finally got my Planck parts in last night. Took me about an hour and a half to put together. It’s the first time I’ve ever solderd anything :stuck_out_tongue:. I got the Hi-Pro kit. Using MX Browns and the Quartz DSA PBT caps from PMK.


Just picked up a Cooler Master Masterkeys S.

It’s nice to be back on a tenkeyless, and the browns are making me giddy, nice change from blues. :smiley:


My favorites. I know a lot of people like the click from the blues, but to me there’s just too much going on with blues. You still get the nice clacking from bottoming out with browns, but they’re not as obnoxious.


Do NOT use MX blues or similar near me


You’d really love my Aristotles then.


Search gave:
with a click that is more crisp than MX blues. Really? Blue is not enough? Wth is it with all these switches and the need to hear every click?


It’s not the noise that I enjoy, but the activation pressure and feel of them. If you’ve got a problem with clicky keyboards, just be happy you’re not in my office.


We are talking about keyboards here right? Jk, activation pressure and feel also works with getting a pet instead. On a more serious note, having an ergonomic mouse & keyboard will probably be better for most in the long run. People get the most weird issues from using mouse and keyboards for longer periods of time.


I’ve tried the keyboards, but they’re just too different.


They’re pretty loud.

I really just got them because I figured it would be a fun project frankenstein some switches and piece together a keyboard. Everything actually turned out far better than I thought it would aside that I can’t find a case for a reasonable price.


A case? With frankenstein switches ready you could build you own or get one 3d printed possibly? That would be pretty awesome


Yeah, I’ve been thinking I should just get around to making a case myself. Get some nice maple, run it through the saw a couple times, and call it good enough.


Have you seen the Khail Box click bar switches. There is a metal click bar that snaps on the up and down travel. Double the click per press. Wonderful.


I think you broke him.


Ok, you’ve done it. That’s offensive! MODS :laughing:


I picked up an HHKB Pro 2 and I’m really not sure what I think about it.

  1. I love the layout. I LOVE that ctrl is where caps would normally be, because I never use caps. It also feels much more natural to use ctrl there because you never have to contort your wrist at all that way. I’m not sure how I feel about the backspace/delete placement. I suppose I do use backspace more than I use the \ key, so it makes sense. But… I can also remap the keys on my Blackwidow, so layout isn’t really that much of an advantage, the HHKB is just more convenient because it comes that way out of the box.

  2. The keyboard sounds great. There’s very little noise from bottoming out. You get a nice little clack when the key comes back up, but it’s not as loud as like the clicks on Cherry MX Blues. So that’s a plus. There’s also the famous thock sound, which is amazing.

  3. I’m not a big fan of how the switches feel for gaming. The fancy rubber dome feel for typing is really nice, but for gaming it feels kind of mushy and unresponsive. I prefer Razer Orange because the bump is not as pronounced and they feel more crisp. This is the main reason I’m thinking of returning it.

I’ve wanted this keyboard forever and I finally have it, but I’m not sure if I want to keep it. It’s expensive, and it didn’t immediately win me over.

I guess I’ll never find a perfect keyboard :confused:

And by that I mean one that I love for both gaming and typing. Razer Orange switches were my preferred for everything (I didn’t absolutely love them for everything, they were just my favorite out of what I’ve tried) until I bought this keyboard. I’m too lazy to switch between keyboards constantly. If the Razer had a mini USB in the back it wouldn’t be an issue, but having to plug and unplug stuff from the back of my computer all the time is annoying.


Finally got my ABNT Model M working again, ordered a cable from Unicomp back in 4/20 and it arrived on monday.
It works great, appart from the fact that the cable has no lock to fit on the case, but that was kind of expected, since Unicomp Ms have an attached cable without a lock. Anyhow, it works, just have to bolt mod now.


Update on the Anne Pro and its stickerbombing, pretty much as done as I want it now barring some small stickers. Bonus portable tablet screen monitor stickers.


I have a (well 2, one for the office, one for home) Filco Majestouch 2. I honestly think it feels better than a model M. (If only because a model M only has 2 key rollover)

How do you people think it compares?