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Gotta make sure it’s nice and sturdy I guess…


Just get a couple of these :slight_smile:


Having used the Zeal Zilents now for a little while I love them. Before this I have used, and am currently typing on, Zeal Zealios (well technically Gateron tactile Clears but don’t tell Zeal that) which had replaced my heavy linears as my favourite switch.

I really like the built in silenced switches and on my travels around the chinese ebay (Aliexpress) I found the Aliaz switch from KBDfans or rather refound them. I had heard about them on /r/mk but was not very interested as they were silenced… yeah I know, and they looked a lot like Browns which are just dirty linears in my opinion.

Now having been through the silenced and tactile switches really want to try these especially since they are considerably cheaper than both the alternatives. Upon further reading they also are reported to have decent tactility, so now I am really interested.

At the same time I had been wanting to build an AEK 60. 1) because I really like the font Apple used on the AEKs and 2) because I needed an excuse to try ALPS switches. Well along comes the XDA Oblique keyset…

This is another key profile I have been interested in for a while. And this set covers ISO as well. So I might just end up getting these, and building another 60% board in ISO this time like i had wanted with the AEK 60 ALPS board I have been sort of planning for a long time. They may even be suitable for dying so I can add them to the Borderline layout collection and try for Lime green and Grey this time.


And you know, that defies the purpose of the keyboard being a 60% to save space, you could literally put 2 keyboards inside that concrete case! :rofl:


Vortex Race 3 keyboards back in stock. 75% layout, PBT DSA keycaps. I saw MX Browns, Clears, and Reds as an option. They may have more, but I didn’t check because I only care about Browns.

I saw the story in my Facebook feed, but it was for another site. Checked Amazon, and they’re there too. I meant to order one the last batch they put out, but I hesitated and then by the time I decided they were sold out. Made sure to scoop one up right away this time.


Does anyone know of somewhere I can get custom key caps for my logitech G910? It’s the one thing that’s sucky about this keyboard.


Nobody sells custom keycaps for Romer-Gs, unfortunately.


=(. I was kinda hoping that wasn’t the case but seeing as there’s only like 2 keyboards that use the switches it does make sense.


There are more now, afaik: G910, G810, G Pro, G310 and K840.
But they share one common thing, they’re all Logitechs, i wouldn’t believe a keycap company would invest in such a select group of buyers, kinda like MiTo once told me, the only reason he doesn’t design Romer G and buckling spring sets is due to the general lack of customers, there’s just not enough people interested in buying these sets to justify such an effort.


Yeah. Oh well. I guess I’ll just leave my key caps be then.

Mechanical Keyboards

If I was to get another keyboard


So, switches, Gateron or original Cherry?
I’m done with the browns on my Anne Pro, i barely need to touch them for activation and that’s no bueno, i need something heavier, preferably linear.
I was thinking about getting some Gateron blacks or yellows and putting 67g or 80g springs on them, what do you guys think?
I never unsoldered and resoldered switches to keyboards, but i’m gonna wing it, i mean, how hard can it be?


Awe bless, all your keayboards are so cute :stuck_out_tongue:

This was quite a few years ago, this is more recent

And my current work setup


@Zibob @anyone mind adding/starting content in the Mecahnical Keyboard wiki?


Does anyone know a brand that sells keyboards with Green switches and has either White LEDS/ RGB backlight?


Just off the top of my head I know the WASD Code keyboard for sure does.

I think the MK Fission might as well.


I forgot to add that I am looking for ISO layout too. Large enter button.


Ah yes. I had meant to do this months ago when the wiki first came along. Never did.

I will give it a go when I get home. Any particular starting point you would like.

I am only really knowledgeable in cherry and some of their clones.


Start wherever you like.

Your awesome, bro.


I have finally bought a mechanical keyboard. I have gone to stores for the sole purpose of grabbing one, but I could not justify paying $100+ (CDN) for a keyboard.

So I saw a budget board in PCPP the other day. The original price slots the board in the $100+ range, but was on sale for $30… Canadian. At $30, I felt okay purchasing a mechanical keyboard… so I did.

It just arrived about 30 minutes ago.

They switches are not Cherry MX, they are Kailh (Blue). 50 grams of actuation force and 4mm of distance needed to strike a key. Windows Key lock is about as fancy as the board gets (…and play/pause/volume fn options).

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the board… this thing is heavy (2.7 LBS). All the keys feel sturdy, and so far all of them work. The caps are not injection molded, so the paint will wear off eventually… at $30… I don’t really care.

Is there anything I should look for in a mechanical board? It feels nice so far. The rubberized pads underneath feel good and the extendable feet are also rubberized.