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(its this adapter)

Will probably make a video or something about it, is the adapter for my Model F so i can finally use it on a modern system :DDD
@Big_Al_Tech YAY finally can use the awesome capacitive buckling spring on the model F soon :D


@Thinking_Emoji Keyboardception
Sorry couldn't help myself.


This took effort.
Well played.


I always play my keyboards well.


Yea I had to get something similar to my ssk, SDL > USB Soarers converter. Much fun will be had.


Got my first mechanical keyboard today ( Corsair k65 cherry brown switches ) and I'm in love! Typing on it is immensely pleasurable.


🙂 corsair FTW


Does anyone know of a way to easily have a diy keyboard that would be cost effective? Most pcbs are rather expensive, and the housing and whatnot isn't cheap either.


Funny you say that

Cheap mechanical keyboard of your favorite size, example being a Redragon:

Switches of your favorite kind:

.3. Then do lots of soldering.


If I am going to do that, then I might as well go with the PCMaster race keyboard thing. (I don't remember the actual name).


I mean, if you want to build it from total scratch will be more expensive .... But more customizable. So yeah


I was just curious if there was a rather cheap pcb/housing kit that would be below the cost of a prebuilt after you add in the price of the keys and keycaps.


Itll be around $100-200 if you go full custom, is why I recommend above usually; is cheaper & most of the hard stuff minus the soldering is done for you


De-soldering is a pain in the butt though.


Only issue with them is not having a linux version of cue!


Easier than soldering everything together, programming a Teensy and soldering it, and the whole building the rest of the keyboard imo.


You would think that someone like Corsair would be down for supplying a kit where you basically order your own keys and solder them yourself. the PCMR one is the closest to it, but it comes with keys that I don't want. So that is a waste of money.


It's not cue. But it's software that lets one change the lights on corsair boards.

I'm not an rgb guy, so I don't know if this works.

But it does say it supports the k65.


Thanks for the link :) I actually downloaded it about 10 mins ago haha. It's a bit buggy but it gets the job done.


$99 for everything except switches and caps. Could probably get a Chinese special for cheaper.