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It’s been a while, but I finally got the borked switches on my Frankenstotle board replaced.

I forgot how loud these switches are.


I am going the complete other direction with lubed Zilents. So a completely silent end board.


My Realforce is pretty silent already, this started just as a “for shits and giggles” project. It’s actually turned out quite nice though. Nice enough that I’m thinking of splurging on some dye sub PBT caps for it too…


I can’t find any cases for the Phantom that have the spots open for the keys immediately surrounding the arrow cluster. That’s a bit problematic. I don’t know if I can cut an acrylic case without it being extremely noticeable either.


I was looking at those too back in the day. They final thing I came too was modding a Filco case. Dremel on the inside of the line and carefully file and sand the last edge. Would look fine in the end if you are confidant in abilities and have a vice or clamps, tape, marking tools, files and sandpaper.

In Other News:

I have bought a LOT of stickers for my mobile setup.

504 in total plus 6 sheets of Korean girly scrapbook stickers so maybe another 75-100 in those.

EDIT: Last two pictures in this album may not be suitable for work environments.


Been a week away from my home office, gosh its great to come back to my buckling springs!


So for cherry mx RGB keyboards, if interested in options for silencing the keys, is there much of a choice between “O Rings” and “landing pads”? I was thinking that if using “landing pads” on certain RGB key switches that the lighting might be completely reduced as opposed to something like “O Rings”. I just want to make sure I get the right ones or to see what options are available vs what wouldn’t be accepted (you get the idea).


Are there any sets of SA key caps with buckling spring mounts?


Best bet is either Unicomp store or the Model F store. But it ain’t gonna be cheap usually. They are usually a different style.of mount in that it is literally a cap over the piece that goes on the stem. So you have stem - adapter thing - cap.

I know there was another store but cannot remember I will look it up in a bit. But it was on the /r/mk wiki.

For edit reasons, I know very little about buckling springs.

Link to wiki page on IBM caps:


I think such thing doesn’t exist, you’ll have to do with the stop caps or new blank caps.
I wanted some for my Ms too but never had any lucky finding anything for sale that wasn’t in the original style.


I’m sure this keyboard has been posted here before, but I’m thinking about purchasing this as my very first mechanical keyboard. I am fricken excited. I plan on spending some time at Microcenter in the near future so I can figure out what these different keys feel like. I want to make sure I get the right keys the first time.


Cool. The angle might be too crazy anyway since the F/Ms are already curved, I was just curious after watching this:


But those are Kailh switches, they use a Cherry stem, so that’s why the caps are compatible.
And btw, Chyrosran22 ftw!


If you are confidant in your skills you can mod SA to fit buckling spring I am sure.


They are a bit kinky for a first timer, i’d say, but some people seem to love these to no end.
I can’t say i’m tempted by “ergo” layouts, i’m an IBM 101 layout troglodyte, ergo and ortholinear layouts are very confusing for me.


Oh I know, that’s why I was seeing if there were any BS mount variants… I might just want extra heavy key caps. I like the heavy bassy sound.

Yeah, I read through this thread yesterday chasing that idea. Looks like it turned out to be complicated…


I’m thinking about putting some of those caps on my Anne when it arrives.
I’d like mine to be like this one, but inverted (black case and keys, white legends):

And for those at home who are keeping a tally, these are the keyboards i picked up in the last 3 months:
1- ABNT IBM Model M (daily <3)
2- ANSI Terminal Model M
3- Obins Anne Pro (browns)
4- Mantistek GK2 (blacks, exchanged it for nº 2)


You have a few options. Orings like you know, you can even get them frosted clear for LEDs, landing pads you also know. I have orings on a few boards and they are nice but only silent half the click, and if you never bottom out they will not be to much use at all as it is only the down clock the silence not the return click when they hit the top of the switch.

The are Clips that go over switches and they are clear for LEDs like these, these will silence the upclick.

There are also pre-silenced switches like, MX red silent (sometimes called pinks) and black silents. Also again Zeal with the Zilents which I have bought myself and can confirm they are very quiet: These are silent all round.

Then are various mods you can do yourself to silence them, sorry not going looking for them but reddit, geekhack and deskthority will be the places to look.


Now that i think about it, why did i order my Anne with browns? I’m sure there was a reason at the time but i can’t remember, its been 3 months already.
Perhaps i’ll mod it with something different, vintage Cherry blacks, anyone?


Posted it on the lounge but didn’t post it here.
Here’s my Anne Pro, finally arrived from China (took almost 4 months!).

I was shocked on how tiny this thing is, its minuscule. Take a look at it above a Model M, it should give an idea of size.

Its a really nice device this one, great rigidity, decent keycaps, good bluetooth conectivity, good LEDs (not my thing, but it makes a really good white shade, which i’ll be using), just a nice device all around. I’m itching to put some different keycaps on it though, something like a DSA Combat or DSA Granite set.