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Didn’t know that, quite something! I’m pretty new to these devices to be honest, used a rubber dome for too long…


That is one of the nicest RGB boards I have seen. Very tidy, it looks quality compared to all the other RGB toys out there.


It does look really nice indeed, it even has double-shot keycaps for the price. I bought mine on 11/11 at Aliexpress so i was able to knock a few bucks of the original price (still paid double the price of my spy GK2 lol), hope it gets here soon!


Now have my AEK II on USB, is quite nice. Profile takes some getting used to tho lol



Speaking of which, does anybody know if the 60% cases from the GH60/Pok3r are compatible with the Anne Pro?
The key and wire positioning indicate that they could be compatible, i would like to put a wooden case on my unit once it arrives…


Apparently they are not compatible but poeple are making some for the Anne Pro specifically.

Found a wood one, it is not cheap… $115

But someone has a modding How To on a wooden poker case from Aliexpress which is cheaper at $75


As Caveman said, they’re just an amalgamation of parts.

One of my sets of switches have bits from four different brands.


I got the AK33 about 6 months ago after @Zibob recommended it to me and I love it. Only one problem though. Just yesterday the thing started freaking out and inputting keys at a random and really fast rate. I’ve never spilled anything on it so assumed it was a software issue and after looking up what the problem could be, I tried several proposed “fixes” that only worked temporarily.

Finally got fed up and took it apart but at first everything looked normal, so I just got some 99% isopropyl to clean off the PCB. Well, while I was cleaning it I noticed that somehow the solder had ‘jumped’ between two of the keys to make an intermittent connection which was causing the issue (should’ve took a pic, sorry). I just took a small flat-head screwdriver and scratched it off and now its good to go again.

Still really wonder how that happened though.


That is really odd. Was it like two spikes, looked like they were “growing” from the solder points? If so it was Tin Whisker. The main reason electronic enthusiasts are pissed about the removal of lead from solder.


Ay, US$115 is very expensive, especially for a keyboard that costs almost half the price.
The moded Pok3r case definitely seems like a better option, there’s a lot of those for sale on Aliexpress, i think i’ll pick one up, i have a dremel, so the mod should be even easier to do.


Damn @kreestuh this is exceptional, unfortunately not currently available, but maybe they would make another.

and their Etsy page


Apparently this guy sells over stock mass drop stuff at discounts.

Like the store you linked @Cavemanthe0ne


After a quick google image search, I do believe thats what it was. Never knew that was a thing.


It is an odd things alright, but it happens and is happening more an more now that lead in banned in commercial products. The paranoid among us might say that it was a ploy for assuring planned obsolescence happened in a timely fashion. As products get smaller and components closer together the risk of this goes up and time before it potentially happens goes down. Lead in solder stopped this from happening and would never have been a potential environmental problem if electronic recycling had been implemented properly from the start, which it should have been as the danger associated with lead were well known by the time we were using is in mass consumer electronics.

But yeah, I forget how I came across this in the beginning but since then it has been a concern of mine in my DIY projects and I suspect the cause of 2 dead GPUs. Lead free solder is also super shitty to work with, frequently leaves dry joints.


Oh wow, I had no clue about that. My soldering experience is VERY limited and I am certainly terrible at it lol. Now I want to dig up my old R9 280X to see if maybe that was the cause of the sudden artifacting that I was getting before. I already upgraded to the R9 390 a year ago but still would be good to know.


And while I have put that forward as the likely cause, there are plenty of things that that can cause the same thing. Messy flux, sloppy original solder job, dirt is the manufacturing and other such that end up doing and looking similar.


The keycaps are very well priced.

Also apparently you can get Matias Alps switches directly from Matias for $50 for a box of 200


My local post office uses Cherry keyboards. Shame they’re rubber dome :frowning:


Some of Cherry’s monstrosities are insane:


How even…

Anyone know if this keyboard is backlit?

Ducky One 2 Horizon Mechanical Keyboard

Can’t find anything on it…


Likewise. It only shows up on that store and even then as a pre order. Can’t find any news about it and it is not listed on Ducky’s website.

At a guess I would say it does not. Though there are Ducky One board from the original line up that have either no LEDs, single colour LEDs or full RGB. So it is anyone’s guess. The picture does not look like it has them.

Looks nice though.

Edit: On that cherry monstrosity. I really want an ortholinear layout board. Just not one that big. Looms like a Point Of Sale terminal board with relegendable caps.