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Same guy, for those who are interested, has a whole range of videos on esoteric switches and keyboards.


I know of and like this guy, very soothing voice, and got all the info on the weird out there.

EDIT: I saw some of the quality control issues posted from that board, not pretty at all. Plastic cracking on the case, what appeared to be self tapping screws and like glue dissolving the plastic layers into each other at certain points and stripping coatings off. A real shame for what they were billed as.


Actually used one of these, not my preference in terms of feel, but appreciate the idea behind the switch. He compared them to older mx blacks which is almost exactly how I would describe them just smoother. However I really dislike that switch XD Definitely would be a key switch I would bring to an off site location just for durability sake though.

Btw I prefer lower voice reviewers but that is wayyy to boomy.


I just like people bringing back the old school switches lol, is interesting.


I'm down a keyboard after sacrificing one for the TRS. I should probably buy an old buckling spring.

I think I need to get an old buckling spring.

I absolutely need an old buckling spring.

Okay fine, I'm shopping for a buckling spring. Happy now?


Get Model F but preferably one that is newer than the XT one lol. Because ones that have AT and XT switches just work with PS2 adapters. XT only ones not so much.


if you want to do a bit of modding this is an awesome price for a model M ... is terminal so needs a Soarers mod but still



I haz found Model F that has normal (mostly) layout for you lol


Is that one of the dark grey model M's that people try to sell for an obscene amount of money on eBay?


Still got my kishsaver ;) But that is nice none the less


Yep lol
semi related


my model F adapter will show up on monday :D
Will be fun using it finally after having it for nearly a year without using it


I have no idea, I used to work at the Iowa State Fair as IT and I found it and took it. Could I give you a model number or something to find out if it is?



currently waiting for corsair to ship me a new keyboard.

le cry.


I still have my original Corsair k70 with cherry mx brown switches, it was my first mechanical keyboard ever and I'm happy with the choice I did, three years later and not a single dead led, it just works. I can't live without my media keys and back light any more :D


I got the same thing. But an LED died. Out of warranty but I talked to a corsair rep on reddit and he agreed to help me out.


My Keyboard is an Ozone StrikeBattle. One of the slimmest keyboards i ever saw and really cheap too. With cherry browns.

My first customization began with keycaps. Bought the Max keyboard transparent set.

Then just months ago i started switching out keyboard switches.
- The first switch was the ESC key. Took a gateron green already the heaviest switch and put in a custom gold plated 80g spring. Now i know when i press the ESC key :D.
- Next F-keys are all Cherry Blue with again custom 62g springs
- And the last is the Enter key. Swapped with a Cherry Green switch.(i think i replace the spring too not sure doe...)

Bonus: My unknown beauty. APC that all i have. The switches are Alps white clones (have to repair a switch top left).


I have no clue, maybe someone else on here will know -- or you could post up at deskthority if you were really curious. I just remember the dark grey bodies were expensive, but I don't know if it was all dark greys or particular ones. I don't see many in general.


I asked the lounge last night and @Big_Al_Tech said that it was. Here is the same model I have being sold.


You hit the freebie jackpot.


$1,495.00 keyboard, what? Can I sell my fully functional Pentium 3 Slot1 system with a 254MB hard disk from 93' for that much?