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Very common. All of GMK are this. Most of SPs stuff too. Like all the SA caps, except the dye sub PBT ice caps.

PBT double shot is technically harder due to warping, but mostly not an issue once you have that down, but over all dye sub is easier, cheaper and more variations easier. The only downside is only being able to have legends in darker colours than the caps, with double shot you can do lighter legends.

The best is PBT double shot with Dye sub, sub legends.

It is usually the cheaper Chinese stuff that is double shot PBT oddly. Like the Tai Hao caps and all those PBT POM shine through double shots.


I got an epson q203a at a secondhand store the other day. extremely good condition. from what i can tell, it has fijitsu peerless switches, which people seem to dislike… seems pretty nice to me, though. A little clunkier than my cherry mx browns, but not bad at all. and “different” more than worse.

still waiting for the adapter to arrive from amazon, so i haven’t actually typed on this yet. anyone have experience?


Used it before on a fujitsu board, iirc it was actually a pretty nice feel. The keycaps were worn away which was a bummer.


Interesting switch mechanism.


I never tried any kind of black switches, but today my US$30 Outemu Black keyboard arrived and i’m quite simply in love with the key feel, damn, it feels so nice!
I’m going to daily this is for a while, the next upgrade is for sure going to be a Cherry Black Leopold or Filco, hopefully…


yeah, it feels nice enough. heavy. hard to actually judge without being plugged in, of course.

fav line ever.




How interesting.

the Modern M0110.

Now if only there was a remake of the AEK II in the works lol. Still.


Mantistek GK2, it was for sale the day i bought it from China, about a month ago.
The software for the keyboard is very shoddy and was sending unencrypted keylogger data to an Alibaba server, but thankfully all the features on the board itself don’t need the software in order to function.


Holy shit wow. That’s pretty messed up.

Now though I wonder if anyone has written their own software for it, or if everyone just blocks it in fire wall and carries on.


Well, the software itself is optional, all of the functions the software provides can be reproduced by certain key combinations, it even comes with a carton showing all the combinations needed in order to activate some of the features, that’s how i’ve been using mine so far…


Zenith with Green Alps
Bit dirty and has yellowing but that can be fixed, otherwise.

So smooth.




Finally got a good shot of my AEK II profile and is insane level profile lol.

Cant wait for my adapter to show up for it s I can see what it’s like as a daily driver.

Also back on my Space invader light blue (clicky) keyboard for now because the double click is just so nice.
And yes, I’m rocking it bare PCB for now because I haven’t decided what to make the case for it out of yet lol. Perhaps a wood case, or maybe plexiglass.


New review of one of the cheap chinese keyboards, makes a lot of good points about the price and quality.

TL;DR: awesome for the price and makes “higher end” brands look questionable because the prices they are at when they arent that different than these “knock off” chinese keyboards.

Ducky v cheap mechanical keyboards

I would not even call them knick offs. They are legit alternatives.

Some of them I would and do happily recommended over the “higher end” ones because a lot of them are simply not worth what they are asking, while the cheaper ones can be higher quality.

Could not be more pleased with my MagicForce 68 board. Less than $30 and solid aluminium top, super sturdy plastic bottom and a removable cable.


Yep. The only minor downside can be somewhat limited switch choices but at the low prices the chinese keyboards are at you can replace them and still be much less price wise than the Cooler master/Razer/etc boards cost lol.


I don’t own any Cherry switches, just Kailh and Frankenstein switches. Oh, and a Topre board.

All of them work perfectly fine for me.


Frankenstein switch?


Usually a combo of switches.
I.e. Zealiostotles
A combo of Zealios and Aristotle switches

Unless I’m totally wrong but I think thats what that means lol.

Also replacing switches springs with different weight springs also is a similar thing.


My dumb friend dropped and stepped on the K400R i used to have for my HTPC, he paid me the price of the keyboard, despite i’m telling him it was an accident. And so i decided to upgrade, instead of picking up another K400R, i picked up an Obins Anne Pro with Gateron browns, i kind of hated the K400R anyways…