Mechanical Keyboard Corner

Lol I have never seen that before, thanks for the link

I remember seeing this. Do let me know how that works out.

I get the feeling that the QC on each switch is not so much a courtesy but a necessity due to all of them being analog and needing to be calibrated the same.

Both honestly. But I really support this even if it ends up not doing so well, because this really is just the start of something that can make a huge impact on pc gaming.

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These two have been serving me impecabbly for over three years now!
1. Ducky Shine II (Cherry MX Blue). I keep this attached to my lab computer.

2. CM Storm Quickfire TK (Cherry MX Blue). This is the one I am pounding on at home.

I could never use any other switch except Cherry MX Blues. I do have an old buckling springs, but I think the springs have rusted somewhat, and I am not really obsessed enough with hardware to bother taking them apart to do any servicing.


Yeah no slight on the thing, just an observation. Seems like a great idea. Give me the same feeling as that Z mouse but that thing was way too expensive, but man the features are incredible.

Honestly thought it was too many things squished into a small package, but I could understand the appeal.

Neat! Too bad they don't make an ergonomic version.

Who knows, perhaps when the switch gains more traction someone will make it that way.

The shape of the housing is MX all ready, I wonder if the pin out is the same, then it would be a matter of changing the controller or even the programming on existing boards and dropping in the new switches.

Just depends on the electrics of it, the mounting looks like it should be compatible.

They are talking about easily swapping the switches if or when they make a v2, we'll see how it pans out.

True... analog KBs might just be a switch swap and firmware update, for some boards anyway.

Depends on if the controllers are compatible, or even if they can make the same controller functionality work on something like a Teensy.

There's not a lot of info in on their site yet, beyond the marketing blurbs I mean. I does look really cool, though. If I had the spare $150, I might pick one up just to play around with, especially when the dev kit comes out.

I've tried every mainstream Cherry switch and a Gateron Green keyboard.

Next on my list to try is an Optical Switch keyboard. An example:

I don't care about gaming response time though so that may not be for me.

you link is ded :P
i think you meant to link this

or this

You know, I really don't like massdrop for that.

If you aren't logged in, but click anywhere on their page, the login dialogue comes up and it jumps you to the top of their site. That is quite annoying. And apparently if you copy the link address anywhere on the page that's not a button/link, it does that crap.


And yes, the bloody hand was just an example. The Wooting is something I'm more interested in. But of course, finances get in the way. :c

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this is why i never use Massdrop anymore since i found this seller on ebay

(is linked earlier in thread)

has everything massdrop has ... but cheaper... AND WITH A SHIPPING DATE THAT IS REASONABLE


Wow that's a gold mine. Thanks! :D

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Once it is out people will reverse engineer it.

A keyboard Corner? Neat. Here's my latest build. Its a KBD75 w/ R4 67g Zealios