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It is all down to what the persons preference is. I can’t really tell you what is bad because that is not for me to use.

Looks good though, what was the board before you took it apart? I have seen a few people doing mixed switch designs before too and they like them. Realforce also offer a topre board that is different weight domes across the board to cater to stronger and weaker fingers and where sit, so it is definitely a thing.

Good luck.


I finished. Typing right now on it. It’s epic i missed the clicky sounds so much. But i am still a scrub when it comes to fast typing 50 WPM only on type racer.
To your question the keyboard is a Ozone Battle Strike very cheap 89EUR for a tenkeyless with cherry browns or reds. But for DIY stuff it’s not good. The pcb can be damaged quickly. I pulled 4 pins right out of the board. and riped the wire out of the pcb…


Awwww, fuck yeah! She chooches!

EDIT: I’m an idiot and bought the wrong stabilizers.


Yeah, I dislike how loud that keyboard is.


Ho shit that’s a nice board you have there. Where is or what is the controller? Teensy 3.0?


It uses a Teensy 2.0. You can see the pins for the Teensy sticking through the board around the “Phantom” text.

I think the Phantom is a nice way to get into keyboard making/modding. It’s easy to work on, supports a bunch of layouts, and programming can be done with a few clicks. Cheaper to just buy a TKL though.

$32 for PCB + $44 for plate + $10 for stabilizers + $10 for diodes/resistors/LEDs + $25 for switches = $121 without caps or a case.

Another option would be something from Most things come pre-soldered and they make cases for each PCB they make. Might even be cheaper, too!


Hurray – I’ll only have to wait another month or two \o/


Finally got this thing working on my modern systems :smiley: ended up getting a soarers adapter on ebay for $40 so

awesome but takes… a little getting used to because layout is different lol.


Got the Dolch keys on my Wooting, looks pretty snazzy imo.

Also the rough texture on these key caps are fucking amazing.


How are the optical switches?


It’s pretty sweet, still fiddling around with the analog settings but I’ve used it with Overwatch and GTA V and it works great.


After a few days of using this I can say that this is probably my favorite clicky keyboard ever. Makes the model M look bad in comparison lol, the Model F switches are just made that much better.
(Capacitive on Model F vs. Membrane on Model M. … Iirc that is lol. They are quite different from using both)
Still tied with my old school WYSE for overall best keyboard but its only because I cant decide if I like linear or clicky switches lol.
Now to find other types of linear switches and try them out too see what I like in that category.

Side note. Having full NKRO on the model F is also really nice.


When did I post that?


Scissor Mechanical boards I like more than plonky spring types. Whats faster? a 2mm full travel or 4mm travel to work with? I really don’t get the Cherry MX club at all. Except the light bling. mmmmmmmmm RGB. (and donuts)


On top of the ergonomic changes to the traditional keyboard design, the X-Bows also embraces modern gaming keyboard features such as RGB backlighting. It uses Gateron mechanical switches too, which are considered a solid Cherry MX alternative.


This board was something I had some real hesitation on, It was only $45 but sports its own type of switches (similar to Cherry MX greens) and is supposed to be waterproof. The switches actually feel less like greens than they do blues with lower actuation. However, they still feel really nice. The board is not REALLY RGB in terms of having millions of color options, but it does well enough. For Less than $50 a beginner can see what mechanical switches are all about and still have a decent board. It does not creak like you may expect from a board this low in the price range, though it does have a small amount of flex. Another thing that surprised me was the inclusion of a detachable cable (nonbranded) that was of decent length. It seems that ALL the money that was saved on forgoing Cherry switches went into getting a lot more options. For the price, I am extreamly impressed with this E.Element board. You may want to check it out.


The switches are gateron iirc and they are 5g heavier than Cherry blues but otherwise identical. Hence why a lot of them say “similar to greens” … Even though real Greens are 80g not 55 like gateron blues.


I like the shape of it similar to my keyboard. But those letters… Why… Why do they have to be so gigantic.


I don’t know with my finger strength that I could tell a 5-gram difference, however, it does feel like they actuate lower than my CM storm with the blues. I actually prefer it to the Storm, but that may be more to the fact I find myself liking %60 over %80


Anyone know where I could find a cable like this? I’ve been seeing quite a few threads over at reddit or other forums using custom cables like this one and I’m really digging the look of it.