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Got some switches in.

Greetech Black
Kailh Copper


Oh, and this guy.

Apparently a not-yet-released Outemu Purple.

It feels pretty nice.


That Drevo 84 Key with black switches is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Layout, font, everything....but it must be RGB or at least red LEDs.

The search continues...


This is pretty close but a little different layout, has RGB.


Yeah thats the other one I saw but it has blue switches, specifically looking for black switches for my heavy handedness lol. I appreciate you looking for me though, thanks bud :slight_smile:


I knew there was another one. Though this one is a bit odd on the arrow cluster and right shift. Otherwise black switch and RGB.

Ajazz AK33


Awesome! Drevo support just got back to me this morning and said the LEDs cant be changed so looks like thats the one. Thanks dude!

Edit: Gotta love Amazon Prime, should be here tomorrow!


I have seen them reviewed well and a few mods over the time so far. The only note in the reviews was about those arrow keys but also came with an addition that you get used to them pretty quick. Hope you enjoy yours. Glad I could help.

Edit: regardless of the supports saying, you totally could replace the LEDs in the Drevo to red, but it would be a lot of soldering and plenty fiddly. Fun if you are into it but you definitely have to want tot do it and be prepare to be with out the board for a day or so depending on your own free time.


I'm pretty sure these are long gone, but this is the most gorgeous PCB I have ever seen.


Zeal65 PCB will only be offered with our upcoming case for the initial limited round. I only saw these pictures too, was going to be CRAZY expensive. Did not keep up with it after that.

Apparently that solder mask is some sort of one of a kind custom thing, like literally no one else will make you a PCB that style and he would let no details slip at all about how he got it to look like that. It is also the first custom PCB with per key RGB through the QMK firmware. And made in the USA, for whatever that is worth, makes no difference to me.

Edit: a render of the case it is supposed to go in, trying to find more.

Can't seem to find anything else since then and have not seen any crazy pics so I guess it is not out yet. This is his baby so it is going to be super perfect before release and you have already seen the PCB so yeah, that level all the way through. Going to be a sell you first born type of deal. Can easily see it running happily over $600 for one fully kitted out.


Well that's a new one, apparently the shipping for the Welfare96 group buy is delayed because the workers that are making the cardboard boxes that the boards will be shipped in are on strike.


I've got three different types of switches, and I think I'm going to change the springs in each one.

Kailh Copper (50g) to 67g
Greetech Black (65g) to 50g
Aristotle (??g) to 80g

Coppers in progress

(Welfare96 might be shipping soon?)


i broke down and got my 1st mechanical kb (coming today) a masterkeys pro m . i had a ibm model M forever ago (late 80's ?) with alps mech switches (and a rj11? jack) and it was great as well.


Holy, if you still have that keep it. That's rare as hell. Some say that it actually is from IBM or they are just knockoffs, but none the less...

Maybe SDL? (its a really oddball connector)


Aristotles are done.

  • Greetech base
  • Kailh spring
  • Gateron top
  • Aristotle stem

Clicky is an understatement.


I still have the one you sent me a while back -- It's held up well. But I'm thinking about trying a model F now that I'm not totally impoverished :smile_cat:


Ayyye glad that worked out for you


May be relevant, but may have missed it being posted above. This site is selling Model F remakes.


Been on the waiting list :smiley:


got the 55g domes and the springs installed. Having greens and this board with the 35g was unacceptable.