Mechanical Keyboard Advice

With all the Mechanical Keyboard's out in the world these days , I want to get a new one but i'm at a crossroads on what to get and I just want to ask you wonderful people on your preferences and why. It also has to be macro-able also. I was looking at Ducky Mechanical Keyboard's but not sure yet but if anyone ever used those please give me your thoughts on that company. Also no Razer crap lol.

I am happy with CMSTORM, it does not have macros (i guess) but you can check other models from Cooler Master.

Maybe the Corsair K95, it's the K70 with a lot of macro keys.

CMSTORM Trigger has macros.

My current mechanical keyboard collection is 99% Duckys. Build quality is excellent and it's also in the heavy side. They do even have the dip switches at the back that can swap your keys around, disable the Windows key and turn on Full NKRO over USB. The stabilisers are all integrated within the board, meaning that it doesn't stick out and onto the underside of the keys, so you won't have the risk of snapping the small inserts on the keys.

Production of these keyboards are at high rate so if you want to, get them now. But first, the switches. Which one do you want? Or more like, what are you preferences when typing/gaming on the keyboard?

The Logitech G710+ is mechanical and has macro keys but I personally think it's a bit overpriced. It is of course backed by Logitech and their customer service is fantastic.

I have a Blackwidow Ultimate 2013, and the only reason I have it is because I get OCD if I don't have two products from the same brand sitting on my desk (I have a Deathadder 2013 as my mouse).  The 2013 edition is alot better than the previous Blackwidows, and my god getting rid of the glossy plastic was a good move, along with the green backplate to increase rigidity.

Thank you all for the response's , I think i might just have to get multiple keyboards and see which one i like and give the one's i don't away to my family, I think that's the only way i can settle me decision lol.