Mechanical hdd not showing up in "my computer"

So I recently got my pc built and I have a pretty big problem. So basically I have my mechanical hdd (Seagate barracuda 2TB) plugged into the SATA III 3gbit/s port on my motherboard (Asus maximus V formula). When I look in device manager in windows 7 the drive is there however when I look in "my computer" it does not show up. I am also unable to read/write any data to it. Please help!

You may need to assign a drive path manually,

hit start and right click on computer then hit manage

expand the Storage node and click on Disk Management

find you hard drive and right click on the partition and select "change drive letter and paths..."

click "Add..." then you can select what drive letter you want to give it.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou x 1000000000000!!!!

Buys an ASUS Rampage ridiculously expensive motherboard, Doesn't know how to format a new harddrive.

Glad I could help, When I upgraded my brothers PC last year it didn't mount the second HD for some reason so I had to mount it myself.

Besides, build me a PC threads, I think this is the second most asked for thread. We get one every other day haha.