Mechanical Board Switches, O-rings

So, I've been looking into possibly getting a mechanical board, but before I do I would like to know what I should expect it to be like in comparison to a regular keyboard, like my Arctosa.

I suppose the first switch to compare a regular board to would be the Blue switches, the small amount I've read makes me come to believe the tradtional mechanical experience would come from the Blues. Reds seems to tickle my fancy after listening to them in videos. Then the video demonstrated the difference with an o-ring mod, which sounded better to me, and then of course there's a bunch of different o-rings to choose from.

In short; the difference between mechanical and regular boards, each switch, and each o-ring (if possible).

Thanks in advance,


Different switches are designed, physically, differently. The Blues are a tactile, and have a click when you hit the actuation point. Reds, Blacks, and Greys are linear, have no click or bump until the switch actually bottoms out. The Browns are a tactile bump, without a click.

Different o-rings change the noise level and the amount of space before you bottom out.