MECH Keyboard with brushed aluminum caps

Like the title says do you think there is a such a thing.. if it exists link it but it must be a full 104 key ANSI keyboard... Yes I am Keyboardist :P... Also RGB lighting is preffered with Cherry MX Blue switches LOLS

theres mission impossible

Funny massdrop have a sale.on an RGB keyboard from Keycool I think and also a second drop for silver zinc caps but only the letters not the whole keyboard.

As @Zibob said, Massdrop currently has the keycool keyboard, keep in mind that you may be able to get those keycaps cheaper on massdrop at the moment but geek feng on ebay actually bought a heap of them off teh supplier (I forget who it specifically is) and is seeling them for close to retail if you miss tehe drop. Zinc keycaps are just about the closest you will get to a full set of metal keycaps, unless you want to replace you entire keyboard with wholyopps's keycap equivalent of liquorice allsorts. They are custom keys with random insignias printed on them. You can find those just about everywhere. But it would cost you an arm and a leg

There is a nice 6.25 aluminum spacebar on my poker 2 that can be had for half the price of the poker 2.
It's far too easy to spend $500 on a keyboard if you start buying machined aluminum shells and fancy key caps to your programmable computer.

Damn poker 3 will be out soon, the textblade looks very interesting and I can't decide between waiting for the stenosaurus or picking up a stenoboard. Don't even start with the ergo-dox. Wait how about a HHKB or a GON if you don't like Topre.

It's a sickness. Cherry, Alps, Matias, Buckling Spring, Topre... Rubber dental rings... It feels better mounted directly to the pcb... No it doesn't... shut up... argh............

I've seen zink and aluminum keycaps around... but I don't think there are any production keyboards that come with all metal keycaps. You'll likely just have to order the aluminum keycaps separately if you really want them. Probably wont be cheap though.

aluminum caps doesnt sound pleasant to type on.


My WASD are Zinc and you notice them being a heavier key then the plastic keys. They are no different than anything else but they tend to feel cool to the touch. I would have a hard time giving up the bumps on my home row keys.