Mebay a system update?

i got a:

i7 3770k

corsair 1866 2x8gb

maximus 5 extreme

xfx 2x 6870 hd radeon


1 corsair gs 140gb

1 corsair gt 120gb

1 tb seagate.

xfx 850 power supply.


need to upgrade something? mebay some options for me?

have you already bought all these?

You don't need to upgrade anything. You spent way too much on the motherboard, that you could have put into better graphics cards, but otherwise, it is fine.

thanx, what about a win 8 upgrade usefull? upgrade graphics card with what any idea?

yeah already putt everthing into my system got any idea for upgrades?

yeah, looks fine. Just the xigmatek dark knight knight would've been cheaper for the same performance. Check out logans video :)

i agree, so this a good system no upgrades needit?

like brennan said, that motherboad could've saved you so much money. Better send it back, and save the money! That motherboard is for other cpu's, not a 3770k :0. Get the z77 motherboard, you can use that money for something else. And the cooler! Boy, you are throwing money out of the window.