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Measurably GPU performance impact when using Looking Glass

Hi, Looking Glass has been working great so far, however I can see a performance hit in the Windows Task Manager, whether I’m running Furmark, CompuBench, playing a YouTube video or even moving the cursor inside Krita I can see the GPU usage (3D usage and Video Decode) is higher when Looking Glass is running.

I’ve read that there are some problems with compositing enabled and 4K resolutions, so I have also tested with compositing disabled, Bluetooth mouse and even switching to 1080p but I can still notice a performance hit in the Windows Task Manager (although the hit seems to be lower when running at 1080p)

Host GPU: RX 590
Guest GPU: RTX 2070
Host OS: ArchLinux with kernel 5.3.8 and Plasma 5.17.2
Guest OS: Windows 10 1809
VM has 4 cores, 2 threads, CPU pinning is enabled, hyper-v enlightenments enabled

Is this the expected behavior from Looking Glass or is something going wrong?


LookingGlass consumes GPU resources to capture each frame, it’s unnavoidable. So yes, it’s expected.

PS: thanks for your edits to the wiki :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification.

About the wiki I’m glad to be of help :wink: