Meaning of validated since pcb?

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Just a really quick question that I think I know the answer to already but want to confirm before I spend my £$€.

In terms of motherboard/cpu compatibility, does ‘validated since pcb’ mean that even on the very first bios version the cpu is compatible with the board. I need it to work out of the box as I have nobody I can borrow a cpu from and the board needs to post before you can update the bios. It’s an Asus board so not sure if that’s a universal term or something they use.

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“Validated since PCB” means that that particular CPU has worked with the motherboard since the motherboard was created. The CPU has effectively always worked with the motherboard regardless of BIOS version.

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cheers boss perfect.

Just to confirm, worked as it will boot into windows and run right ? Not can be flashed/update and will boot.

It should be able to boot and run/load OS.

I’d still suggest updating the BIOS when possible though, early BIOS versions can have annoying gremlins.


Awesome, thank you.