Me Playing AudioSurf

I got two songs up right now. Might do more.

Whitechapel - This is Exile

The Acacia Strain - Chtulhu

i have those songs, i want audiosurf :(

hold up ima make one right quick twitch :P

Whoa! Shut it down - The Acacia Strain

messed up the ending, and twitch im'ed me

>.> lol

Rosecrance - Born of Osiris

i think some more needs to be uploaded to balance out all the core

lawl, fine ill find something death to do.

I'm about to put up my run of Rosecrance, I beat blood :P

I'll play some abysmal dawn later and post it


top 3

Rosecrance #1 Rank elite run

Hate - Threnody

i want fwee audiosurf bitch

Killwhitneydead - Skip the Break Up Get to the Make Up (Rank 1 Elite)

you play audiosurf like a girl in 32min ill show you how a man plays it.

32 minutes? Random but okay

Also sorry for the DP But that was my second time doing the song, not enough time to learn it

well. 10min for the torrent to finish. 7minutes to install the updates. 3min to record song, 10min to turn it into a wmw then 2min to upload to youtube.

your 32 minutes are up, by the way.

I have two more videos that I will post later.

Abysmal Dawn - The Descent


Hatebreed - Confide in No One

i could fuckin post shit if youtube didnt have maintanance

and who the fuck threw up all over your car and felt worse than you about the shit in the mornin