Mbr on nvme, grub on ssd

Just looking for ideas for the best way to fix my problem.

I loaded Windows 10 on a nvme drive,
then I loaded Ubuntu on the same nvme drive,
then I loaded Ubuntu on a ssd drive

The thought was to boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu onto bare metal (nvme) for gaming, emergencies, etc. and the ssd drive was for running a KVM server which would allow me to run the two bare metal OSes in VMs.

There are boot partitions on the nvme and ssd. I am using uefi.

What happened is I cannot boot the nvme drive in a VM. I think the mbr is on the nvme drive and grub is on the ssd drive or something like that. The two drives (nvme / ssd) are linked together and I cannot pass them both to the VM.

So to fix this I think I need to disconnect the ssd and repair the boot loaders on the nvme drive, Windows 10 first and then Ubuntu. Then reconnect the ssd and disconnect the nvme drive. Repair the boot loader on the ssd drive to make it free standing. Hook everything back up and set the bios to default boot the ssd. To bare metal boot the nvme drive I’ll have to use the bios boot menu.

I am just wondering if there is an easier way to fix my mess.

I was correct, Grub was loaded on the SSD so the NVME couldn’t boot when Grub was no where to be found. I ended up running boot repair on the SSD after I pulled the NVME drive from the system.

I still was unable to boot the NVME Windows 10 drive in a VM however after I loaded Windows while running in a VM it all just started working.