Mayflower Electronics Sale - HE-500's/C5D + more!


I've decided to get rid of some of my gear. Most items in this thread have barley been used and have been well taken care of. I felt like this gear needs to be used instead of collecting some dust, so I'm putting a few of my things up for sale.



These are the same HE-500's that have been featured with Logan and I. I purchased these from a fellow friend and he took extreme care of these headphones. These have not been used and abused by crappy amps, as it's lived off of an o2/ODAC it's whole life.

What it comes with -

  • Travel Case
  • Showcase Box
  • 1 brand new pair of leather ear pads
  • 1 brand new pair of velour ear pads (installed)
  • 1 used pair of velour ear pads
  • Stock HE-500 Cable
  • Hand made grey mdpc-x cable with wooden Y connector terminated in an 1/8'' adapter. - Made here -
  • Warranty Card

 Pictures -














Custom Engraved JDS C5D

Tested once to make sure it works. Included, but not shown, is a brand new USB cable.


Pictures - 



Price - $200 - Free shipping to the US, $35 for International/CA


Zero Dac/Amp 09 version

One of my first amp's. It's far to large for my desk and I have better equipment. Comes with optical and USB cable

Pictures - 





Price - $125 + $10 shipping for US, $50 for International/CA


Brand new H220

Purchased this on a Black Friday deal. I have no idea why, I already have a TD02. Anyway, these are hard to get in the USA (from what I remember these have been banned for sale in the USA).


Pictures - 



Price - $125 + $10 shipping for US, $50 for International/CA


Shoot me a message on here, or email me at [email protected]




Edit  - Here's proof I'm not here to scam anyone...?

Please read the BST Guidelines. Photos need physical evidence of your ownership, which means the date, your TekSyndicate username, and all products for sale or trade. 

Best of luck with the sale; seems a bit steep for the HE-500s, though.

Erm, I'm not really here to scam anyone, and I figured my logo on the C5D would suffice?

I'm not going to re-take all of those pictures, it took forever to setup and upload. 

Just take one photo with all in the frame and the info and add it in.

Rules are the rules and all that. Pretty every single person trying to sell something has been called out to the letter so I wouldn't expect anything less than adherence to fly. That's with knowing your aren't trying to scam anybody :) .

I am the "friend" these were purchased from and the original owner.  It's real.

It is a site-wide rule; there can be no special treatment. Even Logan has to follow these rules.

And Logan DOES follow these rules, without complaint or sarcasm. 

I don't really have to follow these rules. I just do to keep the order. The reason we have this rule is so that someone can not scam someone else. I'm pretty chaotic and I want the rules to be reasonable for all. I also think that it's ok to be reasonable and somewhat flexible in some circumstances... 

Anyway, it's easy enough to post an image of ones user name... but I kinda feel back because the rules may not be easy to find/access. We need to figure that out. 

In this case, I am going to deem this a legit post. Everyone should feel safe dealing with Tyler here. I have spoken to him and can vouch for him, even though he doesn't have an image on every image. We can do this and remind him to be sure to do it correctly the next time. We can not be this lenient with users who we do not know as well or who do not have a good reputation... but in this case, I will personally vouch for him.

Fair enough. The rules are stickied at the top of the BST forum, and should be easy enough to find, but nobody reads stickies on this forum, apparently.

Or on any forum. 

Before our business I would always do this, but I figured it's kind of a silly thing to do now since most people on this forum know me. Will do this next time if I sell anything for sure!

HE-500's are sold.