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Oh shoot, will Tek be making a version to sell of this? I've been considering upgrading my E10K to the O2/ODAC, I would seriously consider purchasing one from da store.

I wish they would sell other electronics on there.

I wish there were more HDMI DACs that convert into 3.5mm 5.1/7.1. There's only like 1... (same one from multiple companies...) It's getting dated with HDMI 1.3, so 4K might become an issue for me soon... :-/ Of course I'm sure my reasoning for needing it is really really niche.

A small note about the tube amps.

I really don't see the point of using small tubes (dual triodes) as a preamp at all to "color" the sound as these typically has such a low amount of distortion you wont hear it at all, sub 0.2% some good circuits can go under 0.02%.

Tube's big benefits are they take overload extremely well, typically you wont ever blow a tube from driving it too hard, even for days, They have very interesting power characteristics when hooked up in ultralinear mode which make them more suited for driving active loads than solid state amplifiers, such as speakers.
Speakers are extremely active loads as their impedance changes with frequency thus a constant voltage amplifier is undesirable, whilst a constant power amp is more desirable, ultra linear happens to do that very well.

Does anyone know where I can find the schematic for the Rev B?

Is the one on the store the revision B ? becasue it does not have the RCA plugs on the back in the image ?

I wish I could afford this. He said that it was open source, that I could make one of these, where are the schematics? I can afford to MAKE one :)

It's also nice that I can select the shirt size for this item on the store!

Edit: They are like half the price here in Canada but it's not the revision B

You mean this one?

Sit tight before ordering one if you're interested, we may be adding RCA's and upgrading the ODAC to the Rev B. model he reviewed.

Yeah well the ones on NCIX are not digital to analog converters, am I wrong?

They are out of stock for all of the ODAC models.

I believe they are re-doing something with ordering, if you email them and request more inventory from us it should push them faster for us.

That would be really nice to have the rev.B. I wait paitently, I need time to figure out what headphones to buy with it after all.

The Staax SR-007Mk2 headphones have an impedance of 170k Ohms!

You can see the PWM modulation on the 40" 4k screen behind Logan.

I'd love to get one of these. Sadly I'm a broke college student! One day..

Will there be a Tek version?

@Logan @MayflowerElectronics

I don't have access to the same specs that Mayflower put out for the headphone jack of my receiver, or have the ability to do side by side tests. Therefore my ignorance will probably be making me come across as a dick, so please accept my apologies. I love to support independent businesses, but I have to ask:

What does this unit do for such a hefty price tag of $330 over a full fledged AV receiver at a similar price?

Home theatre amplifiers/receivers have had headphone amplification for decades (at least since the 70s) let alone far more features, mainly the ability to power speakers rather than just headphones. They also have DSP modes to 'colour' the audio if you prefer.

Also I should throw in the caveat that I am not looking at some cheap brand here. Main brands like Denon or Yamaha make 5.1 receivers at this price, or even a few bucks cheaper. 2 channel receivers/amplifiers would be much less.

AV receivers aren't geared towards proper headphone amping.

While they do have a headphone amp and or jack in them, doesn't mean it was designed properly or as well done as something that dedicated for headphone amping IE this product here.

That is true, but I would have my doubts that all of them would not have proper amplification (that is of course an assumption on my part).

Do you by chance have any specifics on what is not done properly (in general) in receivers?

I'm sure some models have decent headphone amplifiers.

No, it would be impossible to pull up specs of every AV receiver. The big problem with non-dedicated headphone amplifiers is output impedance. Read more here -

How would plugging my headphones into a DAC make it sound better than plugging it into my motherboard? Doesn't my motherboard have a DAC?