Mayflower Electronics - Great Customer Service

Just wanted to give a shout out to Mayflower Electronics and let you know about a recent customer service encounter I had with them.

I purchased an O2 DAC + Amp from them last year. I was seriously going to buy something from Schitt but the videos with Tyler on TekSyndicate convinced me to buy the Mayflower product.

Sunday 12/13/15 my amp started producing mostly static - it had worked Saturday gaming. Honestly, we've had a lot of dry staticy weather here in Utah which probably contributed to the failure. I did a bunch of testing and figured out it was probably the amp. I emailed Mayflower on Sunday - got a reply shortly thereafter and they gave me an RMA. Shipped it off Monday. It arrived in their shop on Thursday and they fixed it - in fact they upgraded me to their rev B. DAC!! - and shipped it out. I received it today, Monday 12/21/15 and it works perfectly. Customer service doesn't get better than this, folks.

So if you're on the fence, rest assured that these guys have your back.