Maya Question

I recently reformatted my computer, and somehow lost all the "cracks" to some of my software.  I have several Maya scenes from Maya 2011 that I'd like to open in Maya 8.5 (because, for now, that's all i have access to).

I'd prefer to be able to use Maya 2011, if anyone can help with that, but if anyone simply knows if there is a way to open a scene from Maya 2011 in Maya 8.5, i'd be happy enough.  Thank you!

there is no backward compatibility, unless you use pc with new maya and export it to 3ds or other types of formats.

go on autodesks website you can get a student licenses really easy, download the maya version you need to open the scene and then save out the items as .obj then import those into the older maya version. 


well there are some open source plug-ins for compatability.  I forgot what site but i'm pretty sure if you search for the plug-ins through google it'll be on the top 10.