Maya for cheap?

Is there anyway i can get maya for cheap so i can practice my modeling and get a hang of the program, i have used it once before and i liked it. Im heading off to college to get a bfa in video game design and development and i know this is the standard at the art institutes and in the industry. I was wondering if there was a way to get it cheap LEGALLY, or if i should just stick to unreal engine until I get to college and get a student license for Maya?

You can actually get it for free legally, as a student version. You cannot use it for commercial uses but as long as you list your school that you are going to, they will allow you to use any of their programs from Maya to 3DS Max. You just have to find the link on their homepage(it's a little out of the way but it's there).

Here is the link! You will have to sign up to use it, but it is extremely to sign up.

Good luck and have fun!

thanks a load dude! free is alot cheaper than i was expecting and 3000 dollar savings is unbeatable