Maya 2016 SP4 With student license working in Ubuntu 15.10

I got Maya 2016 SP4 with a student license working in Ubuntu 15.10!
Script here:
If there are any mistakes in it, please let me know so I can edit it.
Only catch, for some reason it crashes when you use the menu icon but doesn't when you type "maya" into the terminal.

Most of the work was done by this guy:
I just added and removed some dependencies and edited path names.

Kernel version 4.2.0-19 and an R9-390

Seems perfectly fine to me, mainly chose it due to the new crimson drivers being compatible with up to xorg version 1.17 (which Ubuntu 15.10 uses) as well as steam. Otherwise, I'd be using Fedora.

these ones:

This is simply fantastic ! Thank you for this !