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MaxMind GeoIP database now requires an account to use

So as of the first of the year, I started receiving continuous nagging notifications in my pfSense router running PfBlocker NG that states:

pfBlockerNG MaxMind - MaxMind now requires a License Key! Review the General tab: MaxMind settings for more information. @ 2020-01-04 22:02:09

Doing a search I found this bit on their site explaining the change:

MaxMind has always been committed to an individual’s right to privacy on the internet. We welcome the burgeoning privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, for the benefit they can provide to internet citizens. However, these new legislative measures place restrictions that impact our ability to continue distributing our GeoLite2 databases on a public page under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

And further down the primary reason is stated:

The [California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)]( mandates that businesses honor valid “Do Not Sell” requests from California residents. In this context, complying with a valid request involves MaxMind removing IP addresses from the GeoLite2 data and communicating to GeoLite2 users that the IP addresses in question should (immediately) not be utilized for uses covered under the CCPA.

So… if I understand correctly, in order to “improve customer privacy”, CCPA requires the end to previous “anonymous” downloads of a database to be replaced with a privacy ending requirement to sign up for an account to use said database? Does that strike as odd to anyone else?

I wonder if this sort of thing will start impacting other free database services such as DNSBL lists for blacklisting bad actors and AddBlock lists?

I tried to sign up using a gmail account because I don’t have a domain name but haven’t heard back from them so far. Unfortunately I’m not sure they will since the TOS states I have to sign up using an e-mail address that includes my domain name. I don’t own a domain name nor do I wish to run an e-mail service off it if I had one.

Interestingly, I think the real reason they made this change can be found in their privacy policy:

The Services are made available to you free of charge. MaxMind reserves the right to stop offering the Services free of charge at any time , and charge for future updates to the Services.

Vendors and Other Parties
We may share your information with vendors and other parties for purposes of providing you with tailored advertisements, measuring and improving our Service and advertising effectiveness, and enabling other enhancements. Vendors may act as our service providers, or in certain contexts, independently decide how to process your information.

I’m getting tired of constant nag alerts from pfBlocker about needing a license. Anyone else have any luck obtaining a license without a domain name?