Maximizing the 12700 cpu

I am looking at how to get the biggest performance out of this cpu.

My understanding is that this cpu can’t be overclocked but I don’t know how to find the limits of this cpu. How do I find when the thermal limit kicks in? What speed does this chip run at the majority of the time? I see 2.1 Ghz vs the 3.6 of the 12700k and my understanding is that I should be able to get similar performance from the 12700 IF I can keep it cool enough.

So what is the best way to maximize the 12700, I am going to upgrade the cooler because the native one is too loud, but I am wondering if I need to get a larger cooler or if that is a waste.


These are the base clocks. Boost on the 12700 is up to 4.8GHz.
I recommend testing the CPU with some stress tests and see how clock speeds and temperature behave. With an all-core full load, you won’t see 4.8GHz, but single-core boost should be around 4.5-4.6 regularly.

HWiNFO for Windows is a great tool that shows all kind of stuff for this purpose.

Better cooler always results in less noise for a given load. Stock cooler are usually the minimum viable cooling solution and might end up costing performance because of thermal throttling. We’re talking about ~180W to cool, so a proper aftermarket cooler is recommended for both noise and performance.

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Does your bios have a dual tau boost? I’ve found it works fine with this cpu if your mobo and cooler will permit it.

You can run it at 95w instead of 65w all day long (assuming good mobo and good cooling) and that’s good for a 15% perf bump in multithread scenarios

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Thanks for this. I have used HW and upgraded the fan and I am getting around 4.5 steady, with temps staying below 70 and more often in the 50s. I am really happy with this set up, with the upgraded fan it is more quiet and stays cool.

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Dual tau boost? Not sure what that is. If I can run this puppy at 95W all day then that’s what I was looking for. I have an MSI z690i unify. I will see if there is an updated bios, but again not sure what Dual tau boost is.

Thanks again.