MaxCoin Project

Hi, this is something I’ve become involved with for about 6 months now, it’s kind of sucked away part of my life but it’s been great fun and not finance focused.

Here’s the position of a few things, I’m posting here in the hopes of attracting more technical people, but all are welcome.

QT Wallet based on bitcoin-core 0.8 era, the only bug found so far is from hitting RPC really fast, and I think maybe one segfault that’s so infrequent we havn’t tackeled it. Nodes have been running since 2014. If you want to experience classic BTC pre SegWit and other ‘Finatrd Bullshit’ stuff that came later, this is perfect.

My own project is a headless thing that I have forked and just stripped out junk, with some shell scripts that are shortcuts for common RPC commands, initially it was just to calculate highest block age while waiting for a slow sync.

Mobile light wallets are close, so the more practically minded people are looking forward to that.

I’m setting up an rsync server today since the QT wallet takes a long time to sync up itself, even build a Windows 7 system for this, which is an act of love for all humans, which hopefully speaks of the value I’ve found there (and that’s social value BTW)

We use Telegram and Discord, and I’m also using Keybase which I’m trying to get into shape as a backup to TG and Github since we’re trying to stay decentralised as much as possible.

You can pick up links on the main project page, but to put some effort into decentralising here’s me on keybase: