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Mauro's Stuff for Sale - Everything Sold For Now

Hello Level1Tech friends! I’ve got a few components that need moving. I will have several more items that I’ll start photographing and adding to this post. Feel free to post in the thread, PM me, or [email protected] I’ll be accepting PayPal and Zelle. Shipping is paid by buyer.

Note: SSDs are used. Boxes are opened on other ends. Labels shown for manufacture date and other info. :slight_smile:

Item List


  • Ryzen 7 3700X, New
  • Ryzen 9 3900X, New
  • Ryzen 5 1600, Used
  • Samsung EVO 970 500GB, Used
  • Intel 660P 1TB, Used
  • Samsung EVO 970 1TB, Used
  • Samsung EVO 970 500GB, Used
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Dude! Nice email bro.

{soz man, don’t need the chip, }

Lol. Updated. Forgot I’m not on eBay trying to hide the external handle.

hey, it’s still a good idea to hide the email address like that, google does crawl the forum


FYI, Amazon US has the Ryzen 1600 AF for $105 shipped right now, which is slightly better than the older 1600 AE. So $100 + shipping would probably be more than the new one on amazon.

It is about the same thing with the other two CPUs, they are priced about the same I could get them new.

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I priced them way below what I paid, because of TX sales tax, and tried to price below Newegg and Amazon. Open to offers. :slight_smile:

Are all items used or are some nib?

Sorry, forgot to add condition in post instead of just title. Will update!

LMK if that 970 price drops mate :3

So glad I got my 3900X before store prices skyrocketed. Its amazing what this thing can do.

Which of the 970s are you interested in?

I wish I’d gotten to them sooner, but I was hyperfocused on acing a programming test for a job the past three weeks. Nailed it and decided to treat myself with a TR3 build. Just trying recoup some of what I spent because Micro Center only has a 2 week return period for CPUs.

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Yeah I got everything kinda perfectly lined up just before everything shut down completely. So happy with myself. Check my profile description for my parts list.

Smart Data on SSDs would help people decide to be honest, usage can vary a lot person to person

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