Matx Z270 boards

Friend of mine recently had most of his system killed by a series of unfortunate events (power cuts and flooding)

He's been asking me for suggestions on a good Matx Z270 mobo and normally I go off my own experience and suggest an Asus Mobo as my gene as served me very well. I noticed that Asus have not produced a new gene variant for the Z270 chip-set so I wondered what boards you guys would recommend?

Asus does however have a m-atx board in their ROG strix line of boards.
The Asus Z170G ROG Strix.

I'm assuming that the larger amount of PCIe lanes available on the Z270 makes no difference on an Mats due to the fewer PCIe slots available then?

He wouldn't be using optane either so thats not a loss.

The best board vrm wise right now on z270 is this: However the asrock z170m oc was a really awesome 14 phase board except that having come out with a 270 rev. yet if they ever will. Being that mATX tradionally gives you 2 full x 16 slots and often another short slot from one of the various sizes depending on what they choose. With enough M.2 ssds and crossfire or SLI you could use up z170s lanes even on a mATX board. It would be damned expensive to do though.

Yeah well i have not looked into other Z270 matx boards yet.
But the Asus Z270G ROG strix should basiclly be a fine board.
Allthough the vrm implementation is not as high quality as Asus is using on their ROG boards.
The ROG strix line of boards basiclly replaces the previous Pro gamer line of boards, which basiclly feutures midrange components.

Asus Z270G ROG Strix vrm specs.

  • Pwm: ASP1400 which runs in 4+2 phase mode.
    I´m not fully sure which pwm this is exactly, but i assume either an ISL95866 or some Richtech pwm.
    4 phases being doubled to 8 phases for main vcore VCC, and +2 phases are being for the igpu VCCGT.

  • Mosfets: ON-semiconductor 4C098 high-side and 4C06B low-side.

  • IGPU fets: Same on-semicon mosfets but then a single high-side and dual low side configuration.

  • Caps: 5K Mil spec.

  • Inductors: unknown.

Memory vrm:.

Pwm: Richtek 6X=2E single phase design.
mosfets: Same as the igpu configuration.

I dont have the exact output specifications of those On-semicon fets by hand.
But you could eventually look them up.