MATX motherboard choice


Currently selecting which motherboard to use in my upcoming PC build, at this time i will be looking to use a Xeon 1231 v3 so overclocking is a non issue but i do intend to overclock the R9 290. 

Current parts (subject to change)

Xeon 1230 v3

HIS Ipower r9 290 ice 2

G Skill ares 8gb (2x4) 1866 cas 8 

H90 140mm cooler (was on a fire sale for $50)

Aerocool DS cube

Would like to add an additional 8gb of ram at a later date, can anyone recommend a motherboard for around the $150 CAD mark that can fit my needs?

Asus Z97M-Plus good choice definitely.

You could offcourse also look for the H97 version of that board. For the xeon cpu that does not realy matter.

Asus H97M-Plus