mATX entry level build ($777)

I want to give my cousin a small computer for his birthday coming up.

This is the build I'm currently thinking of:

I want this to last for sometime. 
Any supports from the comunity will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

(This is Craycraftdan, I'm posting at my friends house)

Seems like a decent build I guess, the cpu is a bit overkill for only having a 7770 as the gpu but then again I don't know what he will be using it for ;). I'd look at getting the 2500k instead and trying to budget a little bit into a small SSD just big enough for OS. The performance increase out of that alone will be well worth the 40 or 50 bucks for the SSD. As far as the CPU i'd go a little be more low profile such as the but that's just what I would do. Looks like a good build other than that sir! Good luck and tell him Happy Birthday from some random guy he doesn't know haha

Haha, thanks for your help. Maybe I can get an SSD in there somehow, I saw some Vertex 2 32 GB really cheap somewhere. Next year I will give him a better GPU so no problems in that part. I still like the EVO 212 though, that thing is beast for its price and performance. The Arc Mini has more than enough room for that.

Anyways, I think I have a solid idea how this is gonna turn out.