mATX C612 motherboard from AliExpress (Yunxing?)

This motherboard looks great on paper, but I can’t find any information about it. Who made it, if there is any support like BIOS updates, reviews etc.

On paper it has everything I want. Lots of SATA ports, some PCIe slots that support bifurcation for potential NVMe drives, a couple of NVMe slots, reasonably modern CPU support, ECC RAM, and mATX form factor.

I don’t think there is anything else like it on the market… But it’s a gamble to say the least. These Xeon E5 CPUs seem to be a bit power hungry as well. Mine would spend most of its life at idle.

They don’t even have avx2, Id go with a cheap 3rd gen ryzen

Faster, less power, and probably about the same price

Sandy/ivy bridge chip are only good for recycling into retro arch boxes, and they can’t even do PS2 full speed

Those CPUs do have AVX2, at least according to Intel Ark.

But yes, power is the issue. Ryzen would be much better, but mobo options are limited. Very few mATX boards to start with, fewer still with a decent number of SATA ports and NVMe slots. Also older Ryzen APUs don’t seem to support ECC.

My requirements are:

  • Low power
  • At least 8 SATA ports, ideally 10
  • At least 2 PCIe slots able to take up to 8x length cards
  • At least 2 NVMe slots, ideally more
  • WiFi would be nice
  • mATX

Ah I thought it was c602 not c612

Non apu 3000 supports ECC

You need a mobo that supports it

I would use a low cost HBA for additional SATA

You can get m.2 SATA cards as well

Thanks. The issue is that most systems won’t boot without a GPU, and even if they do it’s a problem for e.g. BIOS access. Adding a discrete GPU is just going to waste a lot of power.

Same with a HBA, unless you need HBA performance then basic SATA controllers tend to be a lot lower power.